vancouver BC part 1. tour of the great pot block. cannabis culture mag, glass shops, bc bud, vapor lounge

Kiwi takes you on a trip you will never forget. With a taste of the wonderful vip tour of the famous pot block,, cannabis culture magazine, marc emery, glass shops, vansterdam pot tours…and I thought Amsterdam was the only place to go!?!? I love Canada.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Preston and Micah make it cross the boarder into the land of hills aplenty, Contest Rules Two random people will be chosen out of our subscribers who has commented on the Vancouver video. All you have to do is subscribe and give a shout out! Winners will be drawn the 1st of December 2011

34 Responses to “vancouver BC part 1. tour of the great pot block. cannabis culture mag, glass shops, bc bud, vapor lounge”

  1. BCGrizzG says:

    if you wanna see a trippy video check out ” canadian classics – coast? kids “

  2. maticooli112 says:

    filmed? with a potato

  3. 200nikesdeep says:

    so how does it work in BC you buy the weed on the street or in the? cafes ?

  4. israeldogfather says:

    i? whould have done her.

  5. kingbigdawg9 says:

    i like how you idiots say “medicated” only legal snobs use that terminology..just say? you get shit faced pretty quik

  6. blingmow101 says:

    This did get? tyrppy by the way…. you Bc Ladies Rock!! I have to check this place out…. any1 have fav temps to vape@? peace!!

  7. PowerToker420 says:

    i love this girl soo much and i wich i could marry her hahah i mean it i love her?

  8. buckserr says:

    bongs and pipes are shit big joint is the? shit

  9. L1VE0RD1E says:

    Vancouver is? the best place to live! Seriously.

  10. Volcomboi15 says:

    She’s a babe.?

  11. jcooper91 says:

    Blindbox- I’m from Indiana as well and? I understand exactly what you mean about “reefer madness”. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet Kiwi and go on one of these tours when I visit Vancouver!

  12. blindbox99 says:

    wow – I thought we’d be taking a walking tour of the block, but the diversion was enlightening. I’ve never even heard of “budder” – this ole guy of 49 learned something new today. It seems that the block doesn’t care a bit about medical MJ, which is my primary interest. The government in Indiana (USA) is steeped in “reefer madness” hysteria; so getting any MJ at all legally is probably impossible until after I’m dead.
    Anyway….. good vid. I’ll check out some more too. ? 😉

  13. sakecity7 says:

    she has a lovely personality.?

  14. topbluffa1 says:

    her hair roks and shes hot 😉 nothin hotter than a stoner chik?

  15. tubesteakbooky says:

    get rid of that? horrible hair!! yuck.

  16. braaaaap360 says:

    budder iz the shit?

  17. bruisedkiwi says:

    why? thank you!

  18. kaboomhayden says:

    kiwi you have sexy? derads

  19. TheLoklok72 says:

    umm yeah you get recon i? could get on with dat swag pack? just you know.. kind of VERY INTERESTED!

  20. theRL314 says:

    its called experimenting with the features of the road, trying out all the rad spots is one of the best parts of longboarding. If you see somewhere and say ‘Thats a? gnarly place to skate’ then go skate it! spread the stoke

  21. 9944ify says:

    So what it seems to me is that you can break into the slide and then not pull it fully around? Well, starting from there, try to really commit to the slide and fully rotate with your body when your doing it. Lean on your? front foot a lot and kick out with your back foot and whip your shoulders around. Hope this helped! And good luck anyway if it didn’t!

  22. BeSsProductionz says:

    yall should do stand up slide trick tips…..please….im new? and have been working everyday to do a toe side…..cant bring it all the way around :/

  23. wake1pro says:

    sweet! good job you should? look at my channel?

  24. MrBanjominnow says:

    that guy? at 2:27 what was he thinking that the road went somewhere else

  25. 88tootsieroll88 says:

    loving the series, keep it up. ?

  26. richman3211 says:

    I? WANT DA SONG?!!

  27. richman3211 says:


  28. fitrider96 says:

    you guys are awesome!! i have watched all of your videos, longboarding is my? life, Vicious is the BOMB!!! thanks for your videos!!

  29. devon08059 says:

    otang wheels orange 80a yellow 86a? they are good wheels and make sliding fun.

  30. SkateNowHD says:

    2:27 screw the street lets go the? driveway

  31. blackpandaskate says:

    vicious rocks?

  32. paintballplayer360 says:


  33. paintballplayer360 says:

    @TheMegaLaneek It’s a switchblade by landyacthz?

  34. redsoxrulz1231 says:

    Colton Kiloran is attractive.? Full homo.