Vancouver BC beautiful place to live in

Vancouver BC ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. Beautiful scenery, fantastic city a truly great place to live in.

18 Responses to “Vancouver BC beautiful place to live in”

  1. PcGamer217 says:


  2. JackTheRipper8202 says:

    Seattle is WAY better? than “Hongcouver”.

  3. GATOSUBLIME says:

    Damn! What a country!?

  4. norrefol says:

    certanly beautiful, but too cold for me. I think Rio de? Janeiro warmer.

  5. crushingalldeceivers says:

    Just watch out for the? heroin addicts and homeless, not to mention all the neanderthals with guns selling drugs

  6. martinpozz says:

    This pictures are taken during one special week of summer cause It rains everyday in? Vancouver, and if it doesn’t rain, it snows.

  7. asika1302 says:

    Sp?dzi?am miesi?c w Vancouver – by? to mój? najlepszy urlop – zakocha?am si? w BC i mam nadziej? szybko wróci? !!!!!

  8. 346vinicius says:

    Im brazilian and I think Canada is the most beautiful? country in the world!!!!

  9. BabyTee24 says:

    so stoked to be moving back? in a few months =]

  10. harisbluebiru says:

    I am in Indonesia.

    I Like This Song and Video. Nice Song and Video.

    I Like Canada.

    Canada is Nickelback Country.

    For Me, Canada is Beautiful Country.

    Maybe, One? Day I Will Visit To Canada.

    Greetings From Indonesia.

    Thank You.


  11. beserkergremlin says:

    vancouver has to be top five citys in the world. I? love BC

  12. dastan2dani says:

    that’s in the park? on Burnaby Mountain, near SFU

  13. nerdifytheapex says:

    where were? you at the very beginning of the video? Is there a name? 🙂
    awesome vid btw, I love it!

  14. IYumsBoba says:

    gosh, this makes me dislike Los angeles evee more. I mean I am thankful to be lving here. But I want something new, different, & refreshing-that’s what Canada is to me. I do’t want to deal? with endless amounts of smog, rude people, movie star wannabes, &&& the over crowdness…I just want to move to CANADA!!!! 🙂

  15. caseyfromdvill says:

    maybe thats what us “ppl”? want look around at america im asuming u live here im ready to get out! peace!

  16. Y3llowSh4rpi3 says:

    im moving in? january XD

  17. iAshtonss says:

    i? live in America and want to get the F out before it turns to complete s***. this looks like it could do. thanks for the video it made my day.

  18. oficinax says:

    Finally a good and decent video to introduce Vancouver to? my friends here in Brazil
    Thanks for sharing =D