Vancouver At Night

Vancouver At Night

This video offers a comprehensive review of numerous city streets at night time, with a focus on Downtown Vancouver. Covered are Granville Street, Davie Street, Denman Street and Robson Street.
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Nardwuar interviews Krist Novoselic. CiTR, March 8, 1991.Art by Mitch Clem. Vancouver, BC, Canada

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  1. bjroberts65 says:


  2. googiespage says:

    okay lets list the bad areas of vancouver. Downtown Eastside, North Surrey. Lets list the bad parts of Toronto. Regent Park North, Regent Park South, Jane and Finch, Scarborough. Those are just the ones I heard of,? I don’t even live in Toronto. There must be many more.

  3. googiespage says:

    It probably is and I am? not even gay.

  4. googiespage says:

    I am from Vancouver and I think most of the people are really nice. But they usually don’t say much to? you unless you start a conversation, when you are talking to them, they are really nice.

  5. Vancouver Memes says:

    Day or night, Vancouver? is such a beautiful place. I’d never live anywhere else.

  6. writer125 says:

    While Vancouver looks great and hopping like you said, it still doesn’t compare to New Orleans. Thats because New Orleans is open all night in some places. 24 hours bars are the norm here. As long as? somebody doesn’t get too drunk or crashes out where they are, they will continue to get served. If they can pull an all nighter without any problems, they can continue to party all night. Still a great video.

  7. fff1313 says:


  8. 0xstephanie0x says:

    best city in? canada…and best in the world…..toronto doesnt even compare

  9. googiespage says:

    sorry this is 2 years late, but the flashing green means it is a? pedestrian crossing. It is basically just like a crosswalk with a traffic signal. Except it is at an intersection. The cross street just has a stop sign and no light.

  10. PSYCHeVAL401 says:

    from R.I wanted to see how the west coast kicked? it

  11. MrRobloMan says:

    FreewayBrent, do you live in? your car? In the related section you’ve been all over the west coast!

  12. alstigy says:

    You can make a? left when the way is clear.

  13. alstigy says:

    In Canada a green flashing light means you can? make a left turn at the signal while others can proceed straight or take a right.

  14. Yoshirocks66 says:

    i live in the Vancouver Area and? i visit those places often.

  15. CD1xonProductions says:

    Hey dude not to hijack your thread, but you? should swing down to Vancouver Island if you can afford it. 😉

  16. CD1xonProductions says:

    Hey dude not to hijack your thread, but you? should swing down to Vancouver Island if you can afford it. 😉

  17. CD1xonProductions says:

    Hey dude not to hijack your thread, but you should swing down to? Vancouver Island if you can afford it. 😉

  18. InterstateKyle says:

    Awesome video! Cant wait to go to Vancouver this summer! So excited! Looks like a really nice city to? visit!

  19. dochawk25 says:

    Now thats a great view of downtown but it doesnt even touch the surface on how big and great it is! great vid, i love this city!

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  21. OneMoreSchlup says:

    As long as we get plenty? of panties with snail trails, fine by me.

  22. naliuj says:

    no? no you dont get it you are canada’s dirty underwear

  23. VendPrekmurec says:

    me too,? dude

  24. OneMoreSchlup says:

    Canadians have poor taste in radio personalities.? Hello America’s hat.

  25. almudjk says:

    He? sounds really high

  26. moralreef says:

    and i for one love that? asshole dj

  27. moralreef says:

    unfortunately the asshole dj is now beloved for his moronic behavior and celebrated as an? indie legend

  28. GregVlog says:

    Haha man this? is Nardwuar, not an idiot DJ. It’s an act and a joke.

  29. toxictwin1965 says:

    An absolute classic gem – the fact that Krist lasted so long with this nauseating patronizing idiot DJ is the most amazing thing of all. I hope this asshole dj is haunted for the rest of his life with his moronic behavior!! and with the fact he kept? on talking about all these other bands and he had the bassist from what would be one of the biggest rock bands in history. If he mispronunced Nirvana again I would have found a way to reach thru sum vortex of time and rip his head off!!

  30. SoundsGreats says:

    9:20 epic?

  31. quelbaccarini says:


  32. Thomann1984 says:

    Haha,? first words already made me laugh “I’m Krist from Nirvana *cough* *cough* ” XD

  33. SeongBuk says:

    the dj? is so annoying.

  34. therealdudeski says:

    what the hell did i just listen too? We’re they trying to out do each other? Even though Krist seems quite inebriated from? something

  35. AmalgamOfMeat says:

    His name is Krist!? K-R-I-S-T!

  36. TNTIV says:

    “What’s your name? Hobbknocke…”? It’s it’s, Nardwuar…”