Vancouver 2009 – Breakfast Jared, Jensen, Jim – 1

Video of the Breakfast at the Supernatural Vancouver convention in 2009.

14 Responses to “Vancouver 2009 – Breakfast Jared, Jensen, Jim – 1”

  1. fightthefairy says:

    “His microphone is bigger than mine”
    “Yeah, par for the course”
    Jensen is so quick witted, not to mention hot as hell, and his voice makes? me melt!!!!

  2. SaHiRaXiKiTa says:

    The part with the coffee xDD? poor Jim!

  3. nemesis6606 says:

    2:49? ??????!

  4. NihkiNeon95 says:

    I like how Jim doesn’t have a microphone and is still make them laugh.?

  5. RukiaHitachiin says:

    Poor? Jim!! This is still hilarious though! I love how Jared’s coffee is like twice the size of Jensen’s lol…

  6. CareyF30 says:

    Smokin hot Jensen… i love his deep voice.? Yummy.

  7. MattieQueenJoker says:

    And? Crowley – Mark

  8. alexisrg7 says:


  9. nths3200 says:

    Jensen!? Man you look good. woo =]

  10. MrsAckles09 says:

    Nice? Jensen ass shot.

  11. lovelydiva06 says:

    j5+m, misha lol?

  12. lovelydiva06 says:

    helllooo! jim is the third star of this show, give him a? mic and some coffee too damn’it, smh, how rude, lol, we love you too jim, stay awesome, their all such great guys, love supernatural

  13. lilgyal28 says:

    lmao @ :34 I thought jared called jensen? “jenny” and then corrected himself

  14. Blackkat171 says:

    eiva olla ellhnika yia meva
    i? speak greek, it directly translates to:
    its all greek for/to me
    at 2:49 you can see it