USTACRA SWAT Rodeo Tactical Rifle Competition Highlights 2009 (1080p HD)

Greatest hits, misses, and all the action from the 2009 US Tactical Rifle Association SWAT 2009 competition held in Custer WA. Don’t forget to hit the “Watch in HD Button” While the World Fire and Police games were going on in Vancouver BC, SWAT operators got to play with the fun toys here! A very special thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, and participants that help make it happen every year, especially the LE agencies and Sponsors from across the country that allow staff and shooters to attend. Featuring KCSO Tac 30 SWAT 2 time winners of the American Heroes Challenge.

13 Responses to “USTACRA SWAT Rodeo Tactical Rifle Competition Highlights 2009 (1080p HD)”

  1. jazerry says:

    good? to see dave.

  2. FreedomFilmdotcom says:

    @JizzonTheDark I can’t be filming everywhere. There were partially blacked out stages though. And missed targets by people with? no lights IIRC

  3. JizzonTheDark says:

    I didn’t see any dark rooms. The guys with the lightweight ARs that came in top place didn’t either. They’re wearing T-shirts? and no helms so it’s not like they had to bring all their gear. Ounces matter, especially in regards to the weapon system.

    Just saying.

  4. FreedomFilmdotcom says:

    You need a flashlight when? there are completely dark rooms and stages, genius.

  5. JizzonTheDark says:

    I thought it was funny that one guy had a flashlight equipped. I mean seriously, all you need is an Aimpoint or Eotech.? George is badass though, that guy is fluid. Too bad they waste all that talent killing drug dealers and innocent people’s dogs. ;/

  6. jeepinbanditrider says:

    Sweet. How would a non-grunt Marine get an invite? lol.

  7. FreedomFilmdotcom says:

    It’s actually an invite only event from? the US Tactical Rifle Association. All shooters have to be a SWAT/LE/MIL representative or, or a firearms industry rep/sponsor. Last year it was shot with gas masks and other gear as well. It varies based on the stages etc IIRC.

  8. jeepinbanditrider says:

    Pretty sweet video. If this was a SWAT compeition of some sort why weren’t they running all of their duty gear while they were doing the courses. If it wouldn’t have said something about a SWAT “rodeo” at the top of the video I would have thought this was a regular ol USPSA/IDPA Carbine match somewhere? with most of the contestants wearing camo for some reason.

  9. killer72084 says:

    Looks like hella? fun

  10. TheRubberDuck139 says:

    Awesome video and Rodeo!!!?

  11. sumocan says:

    I like how the one dude is? running an A2. You don’t see that too often in a tactical setting.

  12. jdslipknot says:

    i bet? you cant shoot for shit…

  13. depolarization says:

    If you have an optic that allows for faster target acquisition, then why? not use it?