Use Somebody – Kings Of Leon

Vancouver, BC – Roger’s Arena September 28th, 2011 Kings of Leon with The Sheepdogs Encore #2 I own nothing. All rights to Kings Of Leon.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “Use Somebody – Kings Of Leon”

  1. Primeliveact says:

    Great song, check this out to see oure version of the song:? Facebook: Prime Official

  2. KoiChannel says:

    Look up “Three Billion Heartbeats – Urban Fairy Tale”, similar soundscapes from a band no one? has ever heard of.

  3. neja272 says:

    I’m all teared up.? As Jared would say: Niagara falls … I’m so happy they are back!

  4. kasooey says:

    i was front? row NBD

  5. unknownglory1 says:

    oh yes cant wait to see them in saskatoon on monday its? gunna be epic…

  6. shanagreen says:

    can’t wait till the? show on the 11th!!

  7. canadianbrit21 says:

    can’t wait to see them in saskatoon on monday!? so pumped 😀

  8. cust94 says:

    They sound? amazing!! I’m going to their concert tonight in Edmonton!! So excited!! Good Vid btw 🙂

  9. ashleymb06 says:

    so? perfect!

  10. happyman7442 says:

    I was there<3 that was a amazing experience singing with? the whole crowd and caleb smiling his amazing smile

  11. skullzcrusher says:


    Gonna see them Oct? 14th in Montreal!!

  12. pistol549 says:

    such a good show i sang and danced and cried in joy the whole time? lol

  13. anm8rchick says:

    sept 29-11 in? vancouver

  14. anm8rchick says:

    sept 29-11? in vancouver