Urban Skiing

Credit: JP Auclair (All I can) Twitter: @DJ_PCPete Urban skiing in british colombia Canada. Freestyle music: LCD Soundsystem – Dance yrself clean
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Urban Skiing”

  1. isaac7077 says:

    its real, i live 20 minutes away from? Rossland BC, where this was filmed.

  2. Zenofacted says:

    either find a great place to ski, or? make one.

  3. John Smith says:

    where was? this

  4. hatingonyourbitchass says:

    i say its sick but also bullshit so many times his? skis should of got cought in the dirt and face planted. but nice ariels

  5. CameronCheney007 says:

    So? sick, So sick

  6. DCSNIPES21 says:

    Dude ur so? sick

  7. uncasualgamer says:

    What type of skis? are you using?

  8. chung woosung says:


  9. andreas stefanakos says:

    damn dis? is a nice line

  10. martin foley says:

    Great check out my? vid Martin foley edit 2012

  11. runningwithsizzors21 says:

    does sking on pavement and blacktop? mess up ur skies?

  12. inivonwini says:

    Or maybe they found it sad? that the uploader just took someone’s video, cut off the beginning, and uploaded in a much lower quality

  13. lightmellowyellow says:

    time? for new skis 🙂

  14. steven becker says:

    Who hang dries? their laundry in below freezing whether?

  15. steven becker says:

    so some british baby biting his brother gets billions of views, and this gets 33k?? great vid sickest shit ever

  16. SlapYoMama1st says:

    Sick vid. bruh?

  17. youbisung12345 says:

    alot of planning…?