We have 178000 views on google video. **Winner: Best International Documentary at the 2006 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. **Winner: Best Director for an International Documentary at the 2006 New York International Film Festival. EXCERPT: “…This documentary reveals Canada’s darkest secret – the deliberate extermination of indigenous (Native American) peoples and the theft of their land under the guise of religion. This never before told history as seen through the eyes of this former minister (Kevin Annett) who blew the whistle on his own church, after he learned of thousands of murders in its Indian Residential Schools…”
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  1. colbaltbl says:

    I heard about this when I was very young. I? believe there is a God and these people will pay. Nations all around the world have their skeletons. Thank goodness there are people like this. Thank you Kevin.

  2. infiniLor says:

    Did I say you didn’t? No. He does debate his critics all the time; he just won’t waste time defending himself against those who are merely throwing shit to divert everyone’s attn from the criminal activity he is giving his life to stop.

    Clarita Vargas. How on earth did he “mess? her over”?? It didn’t happen: I was there.

  3. GIRLOFCELJE says:

    I know more about abuse than you ever could comprehend If hes for real let him debate his critics and defend his position .what about Clara Vargas and all the others he has messed over .I knew this guy when he was posing as a? marxist back in the day .Like I told the other guy I was Stephens wife the Irish guy who was in the IS back then .Kevin always had a massive ego bigger than Barbara Amiels closet

  4. infiniLor says:

    He didn’t screw up the dig site – there are 300 more acres sitting there completely untouched. Donations to help him do his work. He abused absolutely? nobody in Italy (what are you even talking about? Names? Dates? You have none because it didn’t happen). I already answered that one in another post on this page. “Defrocked” means he cannot work in the United Church of Canada – he is still a minister. APTN is a govt. stn. One “elder” who has since been banned from there.

  5. infiniLor says:

    I don’t know anyone on the planet who is more for real than Kevin. Truly. A lot of people are really pissed off with him because a lot of people have vested interests in what he? is exposing.

  6. infiniLor says:

    He left that interview because he refuses to waste precious time and energy on deliberately and maliciously fabricated bullshit. And here you are spreading? it all around, diverting people’s attention from the pedophile networks who continue their reign of terror on the defenseless and innocent. I have to wonder why your anger isn’t aimed at them.

  7. GIRLOFCELJE says:

    why did he screw up? the dig site so future work will be tainted why does money go to a trailer park in florida why did he abuse abuse victims in Italy why did he run from a radio show when it got tough why does he use the collar when hes defrocked there is no transparency with this guy Check out APTN news they called hom on messing up the dig site His name was also taken away by the elders for dishonesty

  8. infiniLor says:

    He doesn’t. He is bleeding trying to get through to our larger consciousness, for us all to get real about what we are all a part of. All he does is work. And get shit on? for it.

  9. infiniLor says:

    I’m his partner. His email gets screwed with all the time. He? has suddenly lost accounts with hundreds of addresses he cannot retrieve. I am betting that is what happened.

  10. GIRLOFCELJE says:

    that piece of govno knows me from the IS days I was Stephens wife .Why he does this .
    its because his ego is massive He is a flim flam man and he ran? from a radio show when the going got tough

  11. BigLaxFan1994 says:

    No, I never gave him money, but I did buy all his books. Nothing wrong with that though. Have you ever met Kevin? How well do you know him? I met him twice before at 2 of his? lectures his work appears to be legit. But why would he want to scam ppl?

  12. GIRLOFCELJE says:

    I hope you didnt give him money .I dont like grifters because they shake peoples belief in goodness Its? out there but you have to do your research

  13. BigLaxFan1994 says:

    You know.. between you and me, I used to chat with him a lot on email,? then for unknown reasons, he just decided to cut me off from any future contact. I really don’t understand it. How do you deal with something like this??

  14. GIRLOFCELJE says:

    He is a total con man and has been so for years He screwed up the dig site and that was reported on APTN news .He has bilked survivors of money and these transactions are now? in the public domain.He ran away from one radio show when the questioning got tough Its always been just about him

  15. Gary Chamberlain says:

    Stand up and be counted for you are called as the people who bring? justice to the victims of the crimes of the crown,
    Join our walk.

  16. Paddy Murphy says:

    The? Indian Act…. inferior people….full circle…a growing number of decent people on this god-ridden planet now see the the ‘god-fearing’ as inferior.

  17. happihowie says:

    Kevin Annette, you are a True? Hero.

  18. happihowie says:

    ghanarg1, if you have children, would you allow them to travel to another part of the country to be tortured, beaten, and sexually abused? Of course not! That’s what happened to alot of Aboriginal children back in that day. So please, whenever you feel like making this atrocity look like a summer? camp remember that the spirits of the dead see and hear you.

  19. lyttav says:

    glad to see the work of wonderful people like kevin anette who are truly couragous and honorable. i would just like to know if the aboriginal communities from around canada ? have gathered to perform spiritual ceremonies that would honor the dead ancestors and the survivors? i feel like the loud and proud singing and chanting of our aboriginal brothers over a land where so much bad history exsists is very necessary to our spiritual healing. that aside, thank you, kevin, for your amazing dedicati

  20. deegetz51 says:

    cant watch the video anymore after 12:56 into it.Just gotta? say i pledge condemnation unto the bloodlines of the past ,through a reckoning the world has yet to see…The rythmitic patterns of man will drip outta my mouth soon!

  21. rhondam1970 says:

    I shared this on Facebook, & I challenge? ALL Canadians to share this everywhere you can, especially WHITE Canadians who aren’t ashamed to open their eyes! WE need to hear the truth, no matter how ugly and painful it is. We may not have done the deed ourselves, but we need to acknowledge this so these beautiful families can finally heal! Even if Annett is mentally ill, that doesn’t invalidate any of these eyewitness accounts. Besides, he’s not the only one survivors are telling their stories to!