Unleashed vs Art of Movement [Quarter Finals]

Battle of TNG – Just Battle – 3 on 3 Sunday, March 21, 2010 Oakridge Centre Auditorium Vancouver, BC, Canada Unleashed vs Art Of Movement AOM AOM Wins
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Fountainview Academy strings and choir performing “Ancient Words” while on tour in Vancouver BC February 20, 2010.

35 Responses to “Unleashed vs Art of Movement [Quarter Finals]”

  1. MrBboyShox says:

    the moment Jay goes in “AHHHHHHHHHH” bahahaha.. Dope dope.. Good job? jay park.

  2. kkftw23 says:

    LOL is? he from 2pm too? LOLOL

  3. orgazmoMonkey says:

    waoahh thsi is sick wuts? the song from 0:11

  4. Tiki3M says:

    jae got dirty flares. but still looks sick?

  5. xan xan says:

    aom is aom, 2pm is 2pm.. eventhough i’m not a member of both? group..but the mc suck like @#$!$%@$%..trying to mix it..


    @GDEstherLo the mc was a good mc,? can’t blame him for not knowing

  7. Robert Park says:

    the mc is fuggin obnoxious. trying? to get on jay’s dick… hella bothers me.

  8. dandbvhusky says:


  9. FIYtOtH3sKyYy says:

    i was just curious cuz it? looked cool but anyways thanks for replying XD

  10. XeNiAsTiC says:

    im nto sure which it is but its either U.F.O or cricket?

  11. BboyNasTE says:

    crowd dickride? much?

  12. BiRainFangirl6 says:

    dude that battle was awesome and the? mc was funny!

  13. xxMiLeYb says:

    lol “he’s from 2pm? too? i didn’t know that.” ahah..i like the MC.

  14. MrBBoyKOz says:

    mc host? is funny.

  15. demonicsinn says:

    awesome moves
    does anyone know the name of the? first song ? =O

  16. FIYtOtH3sKyYy says:

    whts the move on 2:31 to like 2:34? it looks cool XD i laughed so hard wen the cheers? scream like crazy for jay and only wen his breakdancing they scream tht loud

  17. hacksign000 says:

    LOL @ the fangirls? scream when for jay, the other crew was seriously annoyed lol

  18. xlmp96 says:

    Splendid, an American youth chorus that doesn’t? use unnecessary vibrato, credit due.

  19. Brian Wagner says:

    Absolutely wonderful. I love to hear your purer versions of these potentially great contemporary songs of praise and worship. Your style actually DOES make them great. Have you considered improving on “In? Christ Alone??”

  20. JOAN NICHOLIS says:

    This just shows what the love of Christ inside one’s heart and soul can do to people young and? old! They want to sing about Christ!

  21. goldhat3 says:

    Well done, very inspiring.?

  22. ArticleTen says:

    Wow, these kids are really good. May God bless? them all.

  23. ArticleTen says:


  24. Matthew Davis says:

    Praise God.? This was just breathtaking.

  25. michelspatisserie123 says:


  26. Logtrog15 says:

    I just? went there this last year and i know some one who would know if that is possible. i will ask them for you. this is a great peace to hear and play and sing.

  27. michelspatisserie123 says:

    thats? great! is it possible to get a score for this?

  28. KennethGamborg says:

    Really nice? and amazing music. Thank you all. Best regards from Denmark.

  29. delioportugal says:

    muito? bonito, obrigado

  30. sweetmusic0 says:

    i am so? happy i am going to this school i am 8 years old and i am touched by their singing and strings i play a cello yay for me praise the lord god bless u

  31. toonybrain says:

    God bless these angelic voices and the wonderful, gifted musicians. Art performed for the glory of God is always? wondrously moving and soul stirring.

  32. patricia7x7 says:

    This is so so inspiring. It makes me burn for heaven even more! Bless your hearts Fountainview College. Thanks for? being a light for good!

  33. EmmyVercetti says:

    Please what’s eddy’s surname? The black american dude.? People said we lookalike!

  34. jci49 says:

    With 85 students in the school,? everyone must either be in the orchestra or the choir!!

  35. sweetmusic0 says: