University of British Columbia – A Quick Overview

A two minute teaser…
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16 Responses to “University of British Columbia – A Quick Overview”

  1. antisadism says:

    “How can those who love US and CA be left?” Ughh plenty of people from the left love the US and? Canada. Several of them have been presidents and prime ministers.

  2. DJonX7 says:

    That guy’s naive if? he think British Columbians are left.

  3. goodtyz says:

    you’re too naive. TheCN gov and its officers are not left; they love USA and Canada more than China, how can those who love US and CA be left!! That’s? why they send their children to the US and CA with the money paid by us ordinary people

  4. DJonX7 says:

    Sorry, this is vancouver. canada’s as right as it gets. You? come from china, most left country in the world.

  5. tkwu2012 says:

    i? miss ubc and vancouver so much.

  6. Salt231 says:

    Thinking of applying here but worried about it being a? little to leftish for my taste. People that claim to dislike material wealth get on my nerves.

  7. droy9327 says:

    7 people regret for? not being able to study there

  8. Jessi901100 says:

    I’m going to ubc on may 18 for my field trip to learn about first nations?

  9. nicolasleewk says:

    yes i agree canada is beautiful,? especially Vancouver. But wait till it rains.

  10. Justin Fairman says:

    Hello, The mutification what induced? you to decide? on studying at the University of British Columbia? I was considering studying at Mcgill but you seem to be exhilarated by your decision to study at the University of British Columbia.

  11. TheMutification says:

    Just got? admitted. Looking forward to studying there! 🙂

  12. drorange678 says:

    Could have been asking why is there too many foreign people here.?

  13. imahnick says:

    why? “Study somewhere else” obviously – –

  14. drorange678 says:

    why? what?

  15. imahnick says:


  16. chichang0217 says:

    love UBC !? ! !