Uncharted 3 – CRUISE SHIP PARTY #45

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13 Responses to “Uncharted 3 – CRUISE SHIP PARTY #45”

  1. Shermanatorek says:

    Jerk off to? Youtube videos? That’s silly. I’m in the internet, there are better places to go to do that.

  2. MVJosuah124 says:


  3. Kewkiez157 says:

    I bet you’re jerking? off to it too.
    You sick bastard.

  4. Shermanatorek says:

    TBH I come here? for your screams and moans.

  5. FlippingPnoy says:


  6. nattybatty6 says:

    Thats because Toby sucks at most games. However, that’s one of the reasons we all love? him.

  7. MegaWatchinvids says:

    Olga’s? getting so much better 🙂

  8. xjoselinnexD says:

    I feel like Olga? did this better than Toby. Lol

  9. SirNintendo28 says:

    Please do more Rayman Origins Videos again with Tobuscus. THANKS!? 😀

  10. Ellalovesfashion says:

    Nate on uncharted reminds me of Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf… Does anyone else agree??

  11. jenrrygio says:

    sorry i mean? 191th sorry

  12. jenrrygio says:

    yes 193th? yes

  13. LCPGAY says:

    “let’s try? and do this quietly.”

    Proceeds to fire two obvious handgun shots.

    “quietly didnt work so well.” LOL