UFO Sighting August 15 2012 Vancouver BC

*UPDATE* 8/17/2012 I saw 2 lights zooming around the same area today ! , Weird ! Okay first off, sorry about the quality, i didnt have my good camera with me , so i used my Sony flip cam, and i used the digital zoom to get closer, and this isnt the first time ive seen these lights, i filmed this one today at about 2:30pm, and 5 days ago i saw the same light zooming around that same area, and about 2 weeks ago i saw 3 lights zooming around that same area, this one was just sitting in the air for like 4 minutes, than it took off to the left and disappeared…this is what happend with the two other encounters of it..they just sat around for a few minutes than took off to the left and vanished If anyone else has seen these lights please tell me in the comments, Im not saying its a UFO, it could just be a helicopter or something…..well it cant be, because i saw 3 flying around there 2 weeks ago, so i really have no idea what it is, You decide….UFO…or airplanes/helicopters Shot From Gabriola
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On Saturday August 18th 2012, The dead walked the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia for the Annual Zombie Walk….MRAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

8 Responses to “UFO Sighting August 15 2012 Vancouver BC”

  1. MADDOG3102 says:

    Ok there is a lot? of videos of the ufo flew alot and yeah ok

  2. MrNeocaligus says:

    my flip cam zoom goes up to 2000x, so? its good for far away objects like this, too bad the quality is so shitty.

  3. MrNeocaligus says:

    *90x,? lol

  4. MrNeocaligus says:

    This object was about? 60km away from me, my camera zoom was on 900x when i filmed this.

  5. MrNeocaligus says:

    Nope, that was a mixture? of waves crashing into the shore, and static from my shitty old flip cam, i wish i had my good camera with me at the time, (Canon Rebel T3) .

  6. MADDOG3102 says:

    Oh btw did that UFO make the sound?

  7. MADDOG3102 says:

    That cant be a float? plane.

  8. MrNeocaligus says:

    Yeah i have? no idea what it is, Tons of floatplanes fly past here on their way to Vancouver, and they fly that low all the time, but this things moving too slow to be a floatplane.