UFC 131 Pre-fight Press Conference

Hear from Dana White, Junior dos Santos, Shane Carwin, Kenny Florian, Diego Nunes, Sam Stout and Yves Edwards at the UFC 131 pre-fight press conference held June 9 in Vancouver, BC.

13 Responses to “UFC 131 Pre-fight Press Conference”

  1. muji2k6 says:

    wtf is voldermort doing at the? press confrence 19:20

  2. chuml32 says:

    $500 UFC Store Gift? Card at votinghill(dot)com

  3. E90D89 says:


    fight? club!!

  4. fronut1 says:

    dana white is a sucker free boss from boston/ title? town/ put youre money were youre face eats canada!

  5. khazal12 says:

    lol some members of the? press know NOTHING about MMA…. Sad to see

  6. Robertnuns says:


  7. KUPHSER says:

    shane carwin hasnt put up a single excuse on the loss, and he doesnt need people like you making them up. he has even said he has respect for jr and that he was the better fighter?

  8. kingSpork1 says:

    Knew JDS was gonna be the champ the 2nd time? i saw him……..well not just yet, but its inevitable.
    13:41 lol guy pervs

  9. kingSpork1 says:

    Knew JDS was gonna be the champ the 2nd time i saw him……..well not just yet, but? its inevitable.

  10. bogoio says:

    Now Carwin knows nothing about engineering?

  11. PrivateIrishmayne says:

    maybe it was a? tune up fight for JDS?

  12. MegaBooyakasha says:

    such? an honour!

  13. lesrambles1 says:

    Say what? you like, but Carwin will never beat JDS.