UBC Girlz @ VIBC Downtown Bhangra Feb 20 2009

UBC Girlz performing at VIBC 2009 City of Bhangra Festival: Downtown Bhangra. Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Feb 20, 2009. Event Emcees: Gurj Dhaliwal & Poonam Bains. Posted with permission from VIBC. www.vibc.org

13 Responses to “UBC Girlz @ VIBC Downtown Bhangra Feb 20 2009”

  1. MetalHeadMarcy says:

    whats the first song??

  2. sikhallday says:

    its han barobar da? by geeta zaildar n miss pooja n the second songs is furr by raj brar

  3. heighs29 says:

    wats the? song @ 2:34-5:00?

  4. jazminmc says:

    awesome set! but the girl in pink without phuman really killed? it, so good 🙂

  5. jaffersardar says:

    hahahah motto ta bahut kuch ho rahi hai?

  6. MyPoetik says:

    pooja ji aiwah and the girl? band roks

  7. MizzBekyyy23 says:

    i? dnt get it

  8. Alphaqueen67 says:

    Awesome moves!!! music is so? right *****

  9. joyti02 says:

    thzz veryy gooood!!?

  10. Al2omaa says:

    lol,? they are all enjoying to the extreme of it. good job girls…….

  11. rndpsngh says:

    fantastic? performance…….

  12. jattbenipal says:

    yall rippt itt.?

  13. a00529197 says:

    wat are the names? of the songs?