UBC Girlz bhangra @ Vancouver Celebrates Diwali 2010

UBC Girlz perform bhangra at the Vancouver Celebrates Diwali 2010 event at Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010. UBC Girlz is a dynamic, high-energy bhangra dance team which has taken both Canada and the US by storm since 2002. The team is easily recognised as one of the bhangra elite in competition circles across North America. The UBC Girlz have helped revolutionise and raise the bar for women’s bhangra.

The vlog in which we finally say Farewell to BC, then run into The Weeknd on our flight, and get our Baisti Complete. Comment, Like, SUBSCRIBE! MAIN CHANNEL: www.youtube.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com Others in this Vlog: www.twitter.com www.twitter.com www.twitter.com

28 Responses to “UBC Girlz bhangra @ Vancouver Celebrates Diwali 2010”

  1. rsandhu555 says:

    Their costumes are too similar to their male counterparts. ? It’s fine that women want to do bhangra but please, keep a feminine flare to your performance as well. Learn something from the bhangra empire girls.

  2. arshkahlon says:

    awesome…the right? most purple wearing dress girl is so good at bhangra..

  3. Rajshpec says:

    Energetic girls, awesome performance, thumbs up 🙂

  4. swatichatterjeebh says:

    best bhangra? performance i’ve ever seen.awesome!!!

  5. italiaveg90 says:

    aawwww u r a vry? gd dad

  6. mahendersari says:

    Amazing energy? at display

  7. MrSharingknowledge says:

    B.C? aka Bhenchod! XD

  8. I69ize says:

    harmen? LIKE A BOSS

  9. 44Mander says:

    Don’t come back, please.?

  10. SherBankee says:

    Come to? Australia!

  11. khundle1998 says:

    Haha we miss? you too! Come back to BC(:

  12. monikawashere says:

    @JusVlogs what happened to your trolling The Weeknd? vlog? that was my favorite vlog!!

  13. aannggaaddd says:

    awesome trip it was…? i travelled with u thru ur vlogss. thanks for sharing.

  14. Zoey Calem says:

    I travel alot and I know how u feel after a good? trip :(……..tht feeling sux coming to a empty home and leaving the awesomeness behind

  15. a7sas91 says:

    are you muslimes

    i am? frome? sudia arabia

  16. ST0077 says:


  17. brentwhitehead says:

    meh? theree tutty khaneeee

  18. superstar4lovelyfe says:

    wooo? delta:)

  19. bluepengiun says:

    you guys should come to calgary, we have mountains too,? and a brown Kimmy here as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. mobb247isbrown says:

    Do you guys keep the paghri on at home too? Or only when youre in public? when are you guys ‘permitted’ to take it off? and I’m sure you guys take showers like everyone else, idk why people would say you? wouldnt lol

  21. amrit355 says:

    I went to BC on may 1- may 28 and it? was amazing!

  22. 5N19ERG0D says:

    can you please send me a link or anything to that? diljits dub step song thank you.

  23. HappyMcHapppy says:

    If I saw The Weeknd at the freaking airport I would scream and run up to him and ask for a hug and shit and if we took the same plane like you did I would freaking? die inside me. I’m so happy for you!!

  24. 9099raja says:

    i think he is cleaning the? stairs…… 😛

  25. rusty5100 says:

    ah fvck.? i hate when people give out good songs to everyone. no slaps.

  26. Mamperftw says:

    Man, i was so close to? talking to Jus Reign. :/ SO EFFIN CLOSE!! Chalo next time.. if there will ever be a next time.. 🙁

  27. gagen14 says:

    I know. You just can’t get enough of British? Columbia. I know it’s beautiful. Thumbs up if you live in B.C! ;D

  28. nchana1313 says:

    omg he’s drinking a ice capp yummy ?