Tyler Wilson in 100% Remission (sustained) from Crohn’s, after Experimental SSI Treatment Trial

Click on “Show More”, to read about upcoming Crohn’s Clinical Trial scheduled for the Fall of 2012, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Tyler Wilson of Thorndale, ON, Canada, has his life back again after taking SSI treatment from Qu Biologics of Vancouver, BC, for his Crohn’s. SSIs (Site Specific Immunotherapys) were originally created by Dr Hal Gunn, for cancer, but it has been discovered that one of them works remarkably well for Crohn’s also. While it’s not known at present if Tyler is permanently “cured”, he is in 100% remission & still “Crohn’s free” (as of August 2012), with no symptoms, for over 1.5 years now. He has also been off all conventional Crohn’s medicines for over 1.5 years & finished his SSI treatment almost 1 year ago. This video is Tyler’s story, in his own words. (filmed Feb 2012) In a recent clinical study, which Tyler was part of, there has been 100% clinical remission in 6 of the 8 patients, the 7th being close to clinical remission, and the 8th being a severe Crohn’s patient having moderate improvement. The company that developed this new SSI therapy: www.qubiologics.com Crohn’s Disease in general en.wikipedia.org As QU prepares for the Health Canada sanctioned clinical trial for Crohn’s in Vancouver, BC this fall 2012, full information about participation will be posted on their website in August, 2012, along with a link in this video description. www.qubiologics.com www.qubiologics.com QU expects the clinical trial to fill very quickly, as there are only

4 Responses to “Tyler Wilson in 100% Remission (sustained) from Crohn’s, after Experimental SSI Treatment Trial”

  1. LetsGetRushed says:

    I stopped taking my meds about 3 years ago. Had a son and another on the way. Ive had 5 flare ups 4 that left my hospitalized for at least a few days. That was a life choice. As of this year i had to start taking steroids again just to build back up. This type of treatment offers? hope to the hundreds of thousands of people that suffer from this disease. Thanks for the upload made my day

  2. rob22924 says:

    Minimum age is 18, there? is no maximum age.

  3. Cayley Gilbert says:

    Is there an age limit on? these trials?

  4. rob22924 says:

    Also, write me privately with reasons why you don’t qualify for the current trial & I’ll see if I can get you some more useful information.?