Travel Guide – Vancouver, Canada

A look at the beautiful city of Vancouver and its famous sites and features.

ROBSON STREET 2011, VANCOUVER. Video of Robson St. in Vancouver on Sunday, 28 August, 2011 made by Terry David Silvercloud (Butch) with a Sony Nex-5 camera with 16mm lens + ultra-wide lens adapter and accessory microphone on a SLIK Lighty Pod 200 monopod. Music: “Orchestral Theme 7” piano and vocal and “The Beating of Two Hearts”, both from royalty free and used under license.
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29 Responses to “Travel Guide – Vancouver, Canada”

  1. backforeveriseeu says:

    Thanks? loser

  2. babyshuf2 says:

    Awesome review of Vancouver…I love Canada and visit? Montreal and Quebec often but I want to venture out to other places like Vancouver and Toronto!

  3. deborahshults85 says:

    You forgot? Capilano.

  4. SparkleVoiceask says:

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  5. tahir630247365 says:

    So many racist? comments.

  6. Swackers90 says:

    i hope a massive earthquake destroys Vancouver,? killing everyone, it’s nothing but a rats nest.

  7. M10663 says:

    .lol wowo you two are made for each other,heil hitler and all that as they say.oh for the record,you two degenerate scum arent ging to stop eople coming into canada,so heres an idea,why dont you move? to a shitty eastern european village.all white poeple there and all proud no doubt.

  8. IAmAndrewFord says:

    No, you miss heard listen to again while paying attention not fading or rollling your eyes? before she’s fully done with her sentence.

  9. etrnlygr8tful says:

    …she said, “Dr. Sun? Yat Sen” an authentic Chinese garden is the “first” of its kind outside of China….I did not hear her say that it is the “only” one.

  10. TheyCallMeBuddha says:

    What are all the racist comments aboot? What’s going on??

  11. IAmAndrewFord says:

    No shiiit! It won’t diswade me from seeing this amazing place. But she lied about the Chinese Garden being the? only one outside China …we have one right here in Portland, Oregon USA. Close to Vancouver, WAshington. And the facts about the trading company are the same in Vancouver, WA. too.

  12. thingk89 says:

    For anyone planning to? travel to vancouver: we are not all racists like some of these people commenting. As the women in the video says “we are culturally diverse.

  13. maxla88 says:

    Wow, this video has some of the? most offensive comments I’ve ever seen. What a bunch of racist dickheads.

  14. waqarism says:

    lol thats disgusting but I? believe you hahahaha

  15. ply155 says:


  16. EOD06 says:

    Thinking about moving there in march! Any opinions on? the place??? Im from Ireland by the way so it might be very different to here!!

  17. gfc56 says:

    Love those sexy healthy legs@ 17? seconds

  18. pashtunqta says:

    so peaceful place i love it?

  19. Crimson11100 says:

    It doesn’t seem too crowded and it looks beautiful. The weather cannot be worst than London so I must come for? a holiday!

  20. nainPRO says:

    Just for saying people, México loves Canada.?

  21. KINGPYIE says:

    Why do? you think he is Black?

  22. tiki73 says:

    Great video, magnificent color, you did a great job making? this film. Thanks for uploading.

  23. orasgui says:

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  24. orasgui says:

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  25. orasgui says:

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  26. scoopygogo says:

    I found an apartment? I used to stay. 🙂 Thanx.

  27. 6digit says:

    i? wish my country looks like these!!

  28. kickyourasspls says:

    let me guess, you are jobless,? retarded, prolly black, uses drug.

  29. 210482fmj says:

    YOU can find walking around the city in heat waves the sun is so strong and it reflects of buildings you need a uv umbrella. I’ve seen alot of asian people in? vancouver tend to use them but i think anybody should be able to use them without attracting strange looks from people.