Tour Disney Fantasy suites including Walt Disney Suite on Disney Cruise Line

Visit for more from the Disney Fantasy! The Disney Fantasy cruise ship features a variety of lavish suites and staterooms available for guests sailing the Disney Cruise Line, including the elaborate Walt Disney Suite.
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More than 150 Disney Cruise Line VoluntEARS joined an additional 150 volunteers from the City of Rockledge to construct a playground in Rockledge, Florida this past weekend. In cooperation with KaBOOM!, a national nonprofit dedicated to preserving play for children, the group labored in the heat and humidity, transforming an empty 40-by-60-foot piece of property into a children’s wonderland of slides, climbing walls and zip lines. Read more at the Disney Parks Blog: Check out the blog: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Find more videos:

19 Responses to “Tour Disney Fantasy suites including Walt Disney Suite on Disney Cruise Line”

  1. cj688 says:

    These suites are really really nice, but it doesn’t make sense to get them if you’re not really going to be in your room. All of the fun is out on? deck :

  2. Bexx500 says:

    This? is nicer than my house..

  3. fjsetter says:

    That is the? Roy Disney suite, not the Walt

  4. clumsyleroy2 says:

    Does the 1 bedroom suit have a pull? down bed from the wall?

  5. XDragoFlamesx says:

    must? cost a fortune for the walt disney sweet

  6. PhilFeef says:

    the? suites r amazing but u might just end up spending more time in ur room then the boat itself

  7. 1DawnMarie1 says:

    That was a seriously? impressive bathroom considering it’s a cruise ship! Most standard boats would give you a bathroom the size of my work cubicle…

  8. randompeople14 says:

    thats the? stuff dreams are made of!

  9. MightyTabooTiki says:

    Buy a BMW? Get to spend money on a hotel suite on a nice cruise? ? Hmmmm…so many decisions.

  10. TheMrOdagled says:

    There’s gunna? be a lot of people making babies on that ship

  11. djlowtek says:

    Damn, for a cruise ship this is really? nice!

  12. oxBalladOfHopexo says:

    nicer than my? house!

  13. MCPoidog says:

    that’s? crazy

  14. nicole786 says:

    I never realized it was a real? company! lol

  15. herroishtaria says:

    I thought this? was from Parks and Rec! xD

  16. elplayero09 says:

    Cool, I? enjoyed the whole thing. Good for Rockledge and DCL, thanks KABOOM

  17. WumWip says:

    VoluntEARS…? I love it.

  18. melbrooks says:

    Brent? was the entertainment captian on my Disney cruise!!

  19. RamonaFromPomona says:

    Cool !!?