Tonight in Vancouver: Behind Gastown

Some cool Vancouver BC images:

Tonight in Vancouver: Behind Gastown
Vancouver BC
Image by [Rikki] Julius Reque
Here’s a set of grungy photos and then some.

English Bay
Vancouver BC
Image by blazzzinred [vancityhotshots]

A Day At The Beach
Vancouver BC
Image by blazzzinred [vancityhotshots]

18 Responses to “Tonight in Vancouver: Behind Gastown”

  1. Filmshooter43 says:

    Very cool presentation Rikki

  2. [Rikki] Julius Reque says:

    [] Thank you, man!

  3. Mark Faviell Photos says:

    great job

  4. DeniseJC says:

    Nice work!

  5. manywinters says:

    excellent processing!

  6. reflectingonlife says:

    Looks like an old postcard – very cool Rikki

  7. Photo--Graphy says:

    Photo magnifique, bien composée.

  8. lhg_11, 700,000+ views! Thank You says:

    © Your Best of Today ©
    Your presentation makes my bones |???| ????|" ???| ???? singing ! 😀

    stunning effi´s sennheiser HDR 40 sw b/w
    Please tag

    © Your Best of Today © – through my eyes !

  9. Lake Fred says:

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  10. timbarton says:

    Wow, love the colours Rikki.

  11. Daniel Mennerich says:

    Good work!

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    _ . ?.?.? . _
    hearts: made in Tübingen
    . . very much !

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  12. [Rikki] Julius Reque says:

    Thanks again guys!

    [] Hope you are having a nice winter in the ‘hood!

  13. michael barkley says:

    nice shot, i like the texture.

  14. blazzzinred [vancityhotshots] says:

    [] Thanks!

  15. ActuallyMar says:

    Gorgeous! The sky and the water <3

  16. blazzzinred [vancityhotshots] says:

    [] Thanks… It is! On any day! I <3 VanCity

  17. jtr27 says:

    Thank you for posting in

    Sony NEX – your best shot!