Tom Cruise’s divorce and Scientology

Tom Cruise's divorce and Scientology

CNN’s Tom Foreman reports on the role Tom Cruise’s Scientology faith played in his relationship with Katie Holmes. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at Or visit our entertainment page at
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Video Rating: 3 / 5

28 Responses to “Tom Cruise’s divorce and Scientology”

  1. paradisecityX0 says:

    Exactly, God himself condemned religion, saying? it would tear man apart, and boy if it didn’t

  2. 416mcp says:

    i doubt it. he? is too far gone.

  3. steve miller says:

    in a? few years tom will be speaking out on how bad scientology is-mark my words

  4. LelaFG says:

    I belive The leaders? of Scientology used Tom celebrity states to put there religion out there and to make Tom the face of Scientology.
    He was young and probably going thro something when who ever recruited him got to him and his money. I hope one day he will open his eyes and see what Scientology did to him and what he lost because of it. His Kids, his Ex wife’s, friends, fans, And probably some family members.

  5. LelaFG says:


  6. newdreamspellmoon says:


  7. mime1926 says:

    Tom Cruise is a reptillian half breed.
    Usually only females can intergrate DNA with reptillians but Cruise has manage to suceed somehow.
    He is a dangerous man. He is seducing more women to? propogate his new species.
    ALL WOMEN tsay away from Tom Cruise.

  8. bextman says:

    Katie did the right? thing cults like scientology is a straight one way ticket to hell!

  9. grailstar13 says:

    Tom admits to being dyslexic and having a learning disability, in other words he ain’t too bright. That’s who Scientology goes after. They tried to get Elvis to join but even dumb as he was he was still smart enough to realize they were only after his money. Cruise lacks the grain of wisdom that Elvis Presley retained somewhere in the back of his brain. When you’re too dumb to see that Scientology is only after your money, you’re hopelessly dumb.? Nothing can be done for you, you’re a goner.

  10. 214349160 says:

    Whatever, the Bible is a fiction novel? too. Oh shit, here come flaming comments from believers! *takes cover* P.S. I’m? kidding, no offence 🙂

  11. yesivtt says:

    earn?? or pay for :/

  12. 7dubstep5 says:

    omg tom cruise is now officaly? crazy

  13. Soup34 says:

    Howie Long would have been perfect for? Reacher…

  14. Soup34 says:

    Reacher is? 6′ 5″ 250lbs not a sawed off midget.

  15. damienomen68 says:

    Are you kidding me?? Tom Cruise=Jack Reacher. Huh, retcher as in vomit maybe.
    Cannot for the life of me believe this casting is real. Reading the visitor now & just would not fit.

  16. adamfanalways says:

    Tom Cruise has been making movie’s for 30 years, done many different roles, and has made alot of blockbuster movie’s! He’s a great actor, he puts alot of time and 100% no matter his role! If the author is happy with having a great actor and I’am sure he’s talked with Cruise about this character, then I’am perfectly fine with that! So bring it on Cruise because I believe your Reacher? will entertain alot of movie goes this December! There’s more then height that makes a character and movie work!

  17. stopowning says:

    I never liked Cruise in action films….he is better suited for the intellectual films. ? He plays a far better thinking man than action man IMO

  18. bommer321 says:

    Tom? Cruise the smallest tough guy on planet LMAO

  19. punkjamjam says:

    the trailr? isn’t tht much entertaining though

  20. moviecowboy2012 says:

    I? believe in you Tom!

  21. nutshanglotwentyfo says:

    …correct. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. Lee Child himself has said that NO actor would be right for? the role of Reacher as Reacher is depicted in the books. He has also said that he was thrilled at Tom Cruise’s casting as Reacher, because casting is not about finding an actor who simply LOOKS like the character, but about finding an actor with the talent and skill to believably PORTRAY the character. And why don’t you at least wait until you’ve actually seen the movie to bitch about it.

  22. LordValonus says:

    I think squat is? the word your looking for not buff… hes a midget 🙂

  23. benjaminkuttner says:

    Agree with Demonreacher “Tom Cruise must have read? some of these books and thought, man, Jack Reacher is just a total badass, and everyone thinks he is just so awesome. I? want everyone to think im awesome! I know, il buy the rights and a make a movie staring me as Jack? Reacher!”
    This is a joke – the trailer is so off track. Reacher barely drove at all. And the fight seen is pathetic. Boycott this movie. Read the books!

  24. TerrorToBehold says:

    He’ll never do a better job on a badass role? than he did on Collateral.

  25. ninjawhale03 says:

    I haven’t got anything? against Tom Cruise, I feel it’s a bit weird casting him but I also feel he’s definitely good enough to deserve a chance. The main thing that amuses me is that in the sidebar is a thumbnail for “The Tall Man”

  26. superhuman295 says:

    Whats wrong with Tom Cruise? The fact that he’s a? Scientoligist?

  27. zzboomxx says:

    Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is like Channing Tatum as Malcolm X. Did the people behind this movie even read the books?!? I was excited to see the trailer? for this movie, now I’m not even excited for the movie itself. Huge disappointment!

  28. Johfry94 says:

    I dont have anything against Tom Cruise. Hes good in certain movies, but im afraid this is going to be a bad role for him. For al of us who read al of the Jack? Reacker books, im sure we pictured another one for the role. I dont have the perfect example, but if i could chose myself, Hugh Jackman would have been a better candidate for the role. I hope im wrong, but this is probably going to be a good example where the books are better then the movies 🙁