Tom Cruise test drives Red Bull Racing F1 car

Red Bull invited Tom Cruise to take a break from production of his new movie, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, to pilot the Red Bull Racing F1 car through Southern California’s 2.5-mile (4km) Willow Springs circuit. He reached a top speed of 181 mph (291 km/h) – just 4 mph off the top speed of his instructor and 13-time Grand Prix winner, David Coulthard. http
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34 Responses to “Tom Cruise test drives Red Bull Racing F1 car”

  1. 3forte says:

    I think this? video is 20 times better than all of Ken Block’s videos combined.

  2. justas10000000000000 says:

    Just rich people, being rich…?

  3. cocojumb0 says:

    is this a commercial about tom cruise or red bull? either way, he is a fag?

  4. Keepingitmadreal says:

    @sarabwt You’re jealous. Would anyone turn down the opportunity to drive a F1 car? He doesn’t show off, or he’d been saying things such as,”Look how fast I’m going!!!”,”Hey, look at me doing these flips”, but he said all.. which was odd haha (although I think he worries about showing bursts of emotions these days ever since the Oprah? incident went viral).
    I respect him. TG/MI/EyesWideShut. Only been in a Scientology building to try the hand things. Sorry Tom,please don’t kill me <3

  5. Keepingitmadreal says:

    @445Gero Why does it have to promote anything? Redbull, is a company that has a drink that makes you want to do cracked out shit in countries? around the world.
    They have a track with a F1 car, they probably invited him to come drive as he is a big actor, and who knows some people there (judging by the scoffs in the background) were hoping to see him fail. He actually did extremely well and it was extremely gutsy to attempt.
    He’s probably a great driver because he can afford great cars.
    Post 2.

  6. Keepingitmadreal says:

    @sarabwt I had to sign in from my friend’s? house to post. What you guys are saying, in texting English I hope, is quite evident that 1. @445Gero Have you even driven standard before? Manual, more common around arcades. 2. ?”He reached a top speed of 181 mph (291 km/h) – just 4 mph off the top speed of his instructor and 13-time Grand Prix winner, David Coulthard.”
    I once got to go 200 km/h in a new Volvo. It was extremely intense. I can’t imagine myself going 100 km/h faster.(91 km/h)
    Post 1.

  7. socalpimp1974 says:

    The charmed? life that douche lives

  8. MrLxndrrhr says:

    Illegal racing practice – he mixed in? scientology with the fuel.

  9. fishandfly says:

    Barn Burner by? Lab Partners

  10. tristanpersaud says:

    The song at 3:05 is Lab Partners – Barn? Burner

  11. raja1994 says:

    But Hammod was driving a Renault R25 which was chucking out close to 1000hp. Also, the R25 weighed 600kg, and was running much lower to the ground with tons of downforce. What Tom is driving is a 750hp machine that weighs 640kg. If you do the math, Hammond was driving a machine that had a *MUCH* larger power to weight ratio. It’s like comparing? walking to running, so in actual fact, this does not put Hammond to shame.

  12. degaboful says:

    Hi! What is? the song at 3:05???

  13. adotwhite says:


  14. REFEROCK says:

    its all the stupid captains? fault dont blame costa (carnival owns it)

  15. SirMcGuy says:


  16. jonjon1312 says:

    Being in lifeboats?

  17. jonjon1312 says:

    I can’t believe I was on it when? it hit land oh yeah btw i hate br

  18. tdpdrummer says:

    Because this had over? 4,000 people on board and a horrible captain….

  19. ozskari says:

    1:30 camera angle showing the position the ship? is now

  20. SelenaGomezpeace2 says:

    Im going on a cruise tomorrow!!? But on Carnival!!!

  21. eugeniodiaz30 says:

    I? was on this ship when it died 🙁

  22. MrBanana1240 says:

    Well this beautiful thing bought? the farm

  23. RacinZilla007 says:

    @AaronRules95? another ship sinking… In a similar fashion 😛

  24. RacinZilla007 says:

    Beautiful Ship… Too bad her last Captain Was a? DOUCHE

  25. Pandorum4000 says:

    CHO CHO!

    All aboard the? fail ship!

  26. SparkzMusic says:

    Pretty crazy as others have mentioned that the ship is ruined. A bad loss of life. Of course also all that stuff underwater and ruined. Looking at the pictures of the ship? tilted over feels quite eerie. Went from the above video to an abandoned and quiet wreck.

  27. jessesan2003 says:

    Well if you? have to sink, at least you sink with style

  28. AaronRules95 says:

    Okay, titanic sank 100 years ago, 100 years later no one wouldve expected to see ANOTHER ship sink, RIP to all thos who lost their lives…?

  29. Tom Olufsen says:

    strange to think? that everything of that are underwater

  30. EvaRose10101 says:

    It’s strange, why do the awesome ships always sink or get? damaged? Eg: titanic sank, costa Concordia went on side. This video was cool though! One amazing ship!

  31. Rammstein45 says:

    QM2 > than this? shit box!

  32. 231ian1 says:

    keep? vests on at all times during the trip bring your scuba gear as well and also some of you need to swim because all the life boats are out of order. thank you and have a “nice” trip.

  33. BrianBuckShot says:

    sure, just bring your scooba? gear

  34. Chazzy767 says:

    I can still go on it? right?!?!