Tom Cruise Goes Crazy on Oprah

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago digs deep into the concoction of turbochargers and aluminum that is the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL550. Does the latest and most powerful version of the big bad Benz do the SL name justice? Ignition appears every Monday on the new Motor Trend channel. Subscribe now to make sure you’re in on all the action! Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Website –
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31 Responses to “Tom Cruise Goes Crazy on Oprah”

  1. Saaderino says:

    Oprah:? So how does it feel be divorced?


  2. funtime405 says:

    Ok this dudes on something, and is it me or is it ironic that he almost dragged her out on the stage by both arms? Strange?

  3. motosierraweed says:

    What? drug do that

  4. monstersocks72 says:

    …Dafuk is happening??

  5. WinchesterRanger says:

    And? now…..divorced.

  6. theONEgentlewarrior says:

    A lil crazy sure, but you can tell he’s just having fun. At least to me. And? why not? He gets paid 20 mil per movie.

  7. adamant623 says:

    the women are? worse than him!@!@!@

  8. Stump78duke says:

    fake as shit?

  9. SmokyMcBad says:

    im struggling to finish it its just that embarrassing lol?

  10. TheNoobSlayer16 says:

    He was so in love back then think of how devastated he? is now.

  11. Marky Rob says:

    That? was just so not cool dude….

  12. nolanception says:


  13. BoukenCrimson says:

    $cientology helped him? “Pay the Gay Away.”

  14. icebox1119 says:

    i wonder at what point in the interview oprah starting to think he was on drugs and became scared for her? life

  15. MsPurpleglitter says:

    It’s? hard to tell the difference tbh lol

  16. Sobe501 says:

    how is? this not a meme?

  17. Ernestom5 says:

    God, it’s ugly!…

  18. zuneluvr says:

    It’s regional. Someone who’s so anal about pronunciation should know? that too.

  19. MrArgunec says:

    Those? bastards got the best job in the world!

  20. justokay says:

    Agree about the styling… first time I saw the new design I thought it was a kit car built on a? Le Baron.

  21. BakjeLeip says:

    In American English it’s Aluminum.?

  22. Navid9800 says:

    Mercedes? could find your type of car you want, FAST! German cars are professionally made……mostly the Mercedes cars.

  23. order9066 says:

    Don’t? be so tough on him. He’s using Superpower English, not the queen’s English.

  24. bliglum says:

    Hey….? JAGWIRE!!!!!!

  25. Onetazien says:

    finally? a review that spoke the truth about the poor looks like the ugly nose!

  26. RossoCorsaRed says:

    Ignorant fellow. It’s aluminum in the Americas and aluminium elsewhere. Look it? up.

  27. ROCKSOLID19 says:

    Now I know what to? get for my dads 62nd birthday.

  28. SuperSixinches says:

    Really yacht? It’s called a Grand Tourer or G.T. It’s built to be a comfortable,? powerful two seater.. I’m not even a Mercedes fan and the term yacht seems ridiculous.

  29. foeunit says:

    the car is damn ugly? LOL!

  30. realcuteguyyayiyayi says:

    Maybach? 62

  31. NaderFarahani7 says:

    The panoramic opaque sunroof is not new. Ferrari developed this technology for the first time on Ferrari America in 2005. Actually the ferrari roof is even better? because the degree of the opaque can be changed with an adjustable knob, whereas in Benz it can be only dark or fully clear.