Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans

Tom Brokaw explains the relationship between Canada and The United States, in a pre-recorded short film that aired on NBC, prior to the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Feb. 12th, 2010.

12 Responses to “Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans”

  1. cloned13 says:

    LMFAO!!!!!!….. That? dam gang of roaming Tom Brokaws!

  2. 03acura says:

    greatest? friendship ever!

  3. JC9zero2 says:

    Your welcome. Now please tell your border guards and airport security employees to stop molesting our citizens.?

  4. Prometheusmfd says:

    Australia and the rest of the UK also have places in this? metaphor, but eventually it would expand and just be easier to direct you to Axis Powers Hetalia.

  5. Sontenia says:

    Hahahaha thanks.? 😉 I know, our relationship can be pretty well summed up like that. ;p

  6. pugfugly1989 says:

    According to Tom Brokaw, we are the reason America? couldn’t have invaded for oil.

  7. Prometheusmfd says:

    Think of it like this: The US and Canada are brothers. The US being boisterous and maybe a bit abrasive, but always trying to do what he feels is right. Canada, while being physically larger, is meeker and still? always tries to do whats right, exacerbated at the actions of his sibling (England would be a kind of Sibling-Parent thing, but that’s not part of the metaphor). Sure, they bicker and fight. Things may get out of hand. But when push comes to shove, each one would come to help the other.

  8. Sontenia says:

    It’s not just that. We fly your flag on our freeway beside our own, we fly it in our Canada Day parades, and plenty of individuals fly it next to it’s Canadian brother. On time I even saw a Canadian get upset at somebody for flying yours under our own. It was resolved quickly,? and they were flown side by side from that point on. We don’t concider ourselves American, but we are very proud to have you as our closest friend, and that you recipricate this bond. That’s why we sometimes get curious 😉

  9. ftmchenryman1991 says:

    Not very often although there are three hanging in my room from my travels to Canada. But whenever I go to Canada (typically Canada Day weekend) I see tons and tons of Canadian flags all over the place. The American flags in harbors can be? explained if your close enough to the border that many harbors will fly both or an American brings their boat to Canada so they fly the Stars and Stripes

  10. ftmchenryman1991 says:

    Ok I am kind of sick of this bickering between whos a better country and how all these other countries suck. Canada is a great country just like the United States that is? why we have had 200 years of peace. France and England have Nuclear weapons and they are our friends so I don’t wanna hear about how if Canada had them we’d hate them. This bickering is why no one in the world gets along. So take my advice and cut it out, grow up and just get along.

  11. MatteoriteX says:

    The US couldn’t “have a better ally” because Canada is too? tiny to resist it.

    If Canada had 200 million people and nukes, Americans would hate its guts.

  12. tenyardrambo says:

    thanks to russian and muslim countries