Tofino #3

Some cool Vancouver British Columbia images:

Tofino #3
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by palestrina55
Tofino on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
Click here to see where this photo was taken. By courtesy of BeeLoop SL (the Mapware & Mobility Solutions Company).

Sunset from second beach
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by hern42
(@ Second Beach, Vancouver BC, Canada)
I believe it is called second beach because it is a beach and it comes in second position following some direction, right after first beach. I didn’t follow up to see if there was a third beach.

Note to self: stop taking postcard pictures!

Premier Clark visits Vancouver’s Chinese Cultural Centre
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by BC Gov Photos
Premier Christy Clark and MLA John Yap meet with members of Vancouver’s Chinese community at the Chinese Cultural Centre.

9 Responses to “Tofino #3”

  1. smalltownSK says:

    A beautiful place. I like the touches of red.

  2. KVangeel says:

    Award Final v1 - Silver(2)
    ~~ Congratulations! ~~
    Your photo placed second in the challenge at Photo Face-Off!
    Please post it to our pool.

    Seen in a discussion of Photo Face-Off Challenges. (?)

  3. davidteter says:

    looks gorgeous.
    there’s nothing wrong with a sunset picture every now and then.

  4. hern42 says:

    @Dave: yesh of course, I am just worried if I’d get into puppies and babies in muscular men’s arms (you know, part b&w, part faded colours…) Ouch, got the creeps just thinking about it, ahah… How are you doing, by the way? Any good trip to the Belgian Bar lately?

  5. davidteter says:

    actually, i went there yesterday and had an evil twin and the sausage plate. so delicious!

  6. rakkerman says:

    You’ll be photoshopping (note: not gimping) fancy waterfall pics soon…

  7. Christopher J. Morley says:

    3rd Beach at Stanley Park is my favourite one. Wander over there sometime.

  8. longwei66 - says:

    is that super tanker in the background, if the sun wouldn’t rise from east I could do this in China too!

  9. Tom Wiebe says:

    Third beach is the best beach in Stanley Park. Fewer yahoo’s from the burb’s because you’ve got to walk more than 50 feet from your car to get there. There’s another beach as well, near the water park but, it’s not called fourth beach. I don’t know it has a name. Forgotten beach? Quite small.