Today in Vancouver: The Millenium Gate

Some cool Vancouver Canada images:

Today in Vancouver: The Millenium Gate
Vancouver Canada
Image by [Rikki] Julius Reque
Chinatown, Vancouver, BC

The Road to the Stanley Cup 2011: Henrik and Daniel
Vancouver Canada
Image by
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Canada stands with Britain
Vancouver Canada
Image by tyfn
from July 8, 2005. Vancouver, Canada.

9 Responses to “Today in Vancouver: The Millenium Gate”

  1. KiwiHugger says:

    Terrific photo. Really captures the spirit of the area.

  2. wukevinc says:

    Terrance and Phillip!! Awesome.

  3. kennymatic says:

    Oh that’s freakin’ awesome!

  4. ~~Denise~~ says:

    Wooo Hooo! Go Canucks!

  5. Neil Kremer says:

    Congrats on EXPLORE….Click H E R E if you have time to see "it."

  6. Daveevan says:


  7. Dr. Ilia says:

    great details!

    I give yet another one.
    Your photograph was seen in A Double Fave group.

  8. iMaculate says:

    That same picture appeared in the Berliner Zeitung here in Berlin on the front page.

  9. tyfn says:

    I have seen this picture on a number of different magazine covers and newspapers. It is a powerful photo.