Titanoboa meets the Mondo Spider

Making of Titanoboa! by Ben Cooper: vimeo.com …And Sizzle Reel: vimeo.com titanoboa.ca www.mondospider.com www.eatart.org Titanoboa is a reincarnation of the ancient 50ft long serpent rendered extinct by past climate change. It was built at eatART in East Vancouver, BC, Canada Vote for Titanoboa and we could win 000 or prizes! www.bocabearings.com Facebook : www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “Titanoboa meets the Mondo Spider”

  1. Jerakal says:

    Final? boss.

  2. Bombsgalor says:


  3. miesposaesmuyfea says:

    Lol that? guy needs to pretend to be the leg-less dude from wild wild west

  4. OrbitZombie says:

    I bet one of those dudes? in the back is Alistaire Smythe.

    This is only the beginning. Watch out Spidey.

  5. jake ackley says:

    snake needs to be longer…
    and move faster and have? a flickering young and shoot venom and coil its pray ya ya ya

  6. SuperKiki200 says:

    ok so the snake is bigger? than them?

  7. RahulStudios says:

    You can totally make a SciFi flick outta that. Just design the creature’s body as a? normal snake designs and you know patterns and then control it to eat people. Done, that’s your movie. Nice job on the robot Titanaboa.

  8. RobbWilliams11 says:

    Wow,that’s? so cool.

  9. immortalcelsius says:

    how many ? aa batteries does it need?

  10. Pleiodes says:

    how did you? film this? with a helicopter?

  11. Joakim1298 says:

    hahaahahaha so true xD?

  12. brjonah says:

    Give them each some? spikes and hello Robot Wars.

  13. meeparo says:

    Oh ya? the titnaboa was the biggest snake ever

  14. ifti139 says:

    Fukin? spaztic

  15. prehistoric28 says:

    Really a cool video of mondo spider. The makers should recreate an ice gorilla featured? in a new book called THE ICE GORILLA which quite a bit of the prehistoric community is hoping THE ICE GORILLA gets adapted into a feature length movie.

  16. stevenscottoddballz says:

    I’d like to see the? controls of the Mondo Spider!


    nothin? happend

  18. TNorberg says:

    We’re? doomed.