Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 7 (Canada)

Tiësto heads to Canada, for the latest stop on his Club Life Tour, hitting Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and many more. Hear why Canada is one of Tiësto’s favourite countries, as well as the story behind his hit collaboration with Hardwell – Zero76. Featuring tracks from Tiësto’s and his label Musical Freedom Tiësto on iTunes: itunes.apple.com Musical Freedom on Beatport: www.beatport.com

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Tiësto: In The Booth – Episode 7 (Canada)”

  1. djeq721 says:

    “Somewhere I could settle down and start a family when I get older”

    The guys 43 now, how old is he planing on being when he has kids? 50 odd? Guy? wont be able to leave this lifestyle EVER imo

  2. MegaSmile6 says:

    Breda de? gekste ouwe 😉

  3. Alex60257 says:


  4. DaRUde117 says:

    to all those wondering what song it is at 4:20, its tiesto and marcel woods-? dont ditch…like so everyone can see!

  5. DaRUde117 says:

    steve forte rio ft lindsey ray-slumber and? in case you were wondering,yes steve forte rio IS tiesto..its an anagram that translates to ‘tiesto forever’

  6. DaRUde117 says:

    tiesto and marcel woods-dont? ditch

  7. tonynguyeniscool says:


  8. tonynguyeniscool says:


  9. tonynguyeniscool says:


  10. green4days says:

    whats the song at? 5:20 ?

  11. MrSupermanpavel says:

    43!? When i get older. That sound interesting!

  12. Wallet409 says:


  13. 71019 says:

    song at 4:20??

  14. 71019 says:

    whats the song thats playing when? hes just getting into the helicopter and the pilot is giving him directions?

  15. venger1979 says:

    the hair on my arms stand up @02.37 ? 🙂

  16. Nouscha Langkamp says:

    I love…

  17. theaccidentalpoet2 says:

    …this one? slipped past me, lovely tunage.

  18. HerrFOAD says:

    st time i’ve heard this? 🙂
    Nice wee take on it

  19. brocanova says:

    Muchas gracias to DJ Bill? Shakes – awesome mixes which feature hidden gems like this.

  20. newcleous says:

    This was such an amazing journey. Given, I know the original, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. There was a special treat around? every corner so to speak. DOOO listen with earphones…you’ll hear so much more.

    Thank you for this gift!

  21. Khylfens says:

    this? is so nice

  22. TheDerekWN says:

    way? too upbeat.

  23. chinwemartins says:

    so? good

  24. rakerlad says:


  25. apfelmus99 says:

    awesome? edit.