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How the West Was One: Vancouver Canucks 2010-11 Playoff Preview

Vancouver Canucks 2010-11 Playoff Preview Special thanks to midhrifs for the ’76 Canucks shot, Music props goes to Kyprios(Song is available on itunes, proceeds go to Canuck Place) All footage property of CBC, Canucks TV,TSN, NHL & Rogers Sportsnet Pacific/One. Music copyright of Kyprios No copyright infringement intended

38 Responses to “THINGS CANADIANS HATE, EH?”

  1. haylee35ful says:

    It really pisses me off when people say that we don’t say things like eh… Chances are if you don’t say eh, it’s because you’re from Toronto which is? basically America itself. Come experience Canadian country living outside of your little bubble (aka the GTA) and then maybe you’ll think twice before you speak on behalf of the whole country.

  2. rrtaylornz says:

    Great video ! The best kind of humour is when you take the piss out of yourself. I’m a Canadian living in New Zealand. If I can ever get their accent right I’ll do a “Sh@t Kiwis say” they go up on the end of every sentence and have some fantastic local expressions, and use “eh ” a ? lot, although they use it differently. Cheers !

  3. Stephen Vasquez says:

    00:59_”No I don’t what are you talking aboot Ay…..Oh well I guess thats alright..Ay”.? HA HA HA XD.

  4. randomheartofgold says:

    i never win roll up. i buy dozens of cups but i? never win.

  5. randomheartofgold says:

    @Dyllian Cronk at? my place we get about four feet. no joke.

  6. shmooey101 says:

    fockin eh fellow canadian! hahaha? died laughing

  7. Mattea Williams says:

    The thing? is that there are a lot of Americans that do that…. I live in Ohio.

  8. nugetmilk2 says:

    Where are you from? Pretty sure, there? are gay people there too.

  9. Kappakatt says:

    Some of them are,? yes. Problem?

  10. iRichie01 says:

    zzzz You’re like 10 years old? kid. Get off my balls.

  11. Dyllian Cronk says:

    You do realise Canadians are nothing like this… right?? In fact we got about a quarter foot of snow.

  12. Carla Bette says:

    What? camera do you guys use??

  13. firehawks888 says:

    Canadians are gay!?

  14. KASTNERBIRD says:

    I’m American and? I love Canadians ! And maple syrup haha

  15. nyancatnyangirl says:

    Oh? soory….

  16. ccoolchloe says:

    I don’t like when I get snow in my boots either.. But I love loonies and toonies! 😀 I? can buy stuff in the vending machines with them..

  17. jmanzammer says:

    i hate when? i get snow in my gloves! Im actually Canadian..

  18. Dihgal says:

    I live in Canada and I call myself call myself American too. I must consume so much USA content, that it’s more accurate to lump? it all together as (North)? American as my nationality.

  19. ringettegurl19 says:

    my other? favorite video in the world.

  20. az0963818 says:

    Oh god….i? mean i like you guys and all but seriously, enough with the unrealistic Canadian stereotypes already. Just be yourselves.

  21. maggotmanful says:

    best song to listen to during the STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS!? LIKE IF U AGREE

  22. failingenglish says:

    so no one is going to comment on what it was one of?? lol isn’t it supposed to be how the west was won?
    this title, even if it’s not a typo, makes me think ” how the west was one….” what? one what? they never say! lol

  23. PETEZBISLA2 says:

    like? if you think we shold trade luogo

  24. PETEZBISLA2 says:

    salo riped it?

  25. twominator says:

    I love getting goose bumps while? watching canucks montages thumbs up if you’re with me

  26. doomknight12394 says:

    We will get them this year won’t? we 🙂

  27. doomknight12394 says:

    Lol took me forever but I bought. 100$. iTunes card and? I go buy it now

  28. filmscrubs16 says:

    Yep its still there, just checked…its .99 cents in the itunes store, just search “How the West was One”? or Kyprios

  29. doomknight12394 says:

    if? it is still there i will buy it on itunes and man i must have played this song like 90 times

  30. sandhuwuut says:

    i miss that? feeling.. during the playoffs… knowing that my team made it to the finals….. favorite team. forever, go canucks go <3

  31. TOGF13 says:

    go? canucks

  32. blue1cows says:

    erhoff is the only canuck i like i resecpt him for trying to take on towes and winning. Erhoff………….. you rock and tht was the best goal wen you? had 9 milliseconds left to score in 3rd period

  33. blue1cows says:

    i cant belive i still like this i only ever liked canucks wen? they were against san jose coz i hate san jose but im so odd still listening to this I HATE CANUCKS but good job for trying to take on boston 🙂

  34. filmscrubs16 says:

    Thanks for? all the supportive comments..

    Our Canucks will get them next year… Currently working on a Playoff Video showcasing all the great moments. If you want any specific moments in the video just let me know.

  35. MUSICgenerationGURLZ says:

    these clips totally fit the words of? the song!!

  36. Amayzing33 says:

    Where did the? REAL Canucks go in the Boston series?

  37. RoseJordan23 says:

    Where in the name of orlan kirkenbac did te dislike bar go? (? by the way don’t judge me on the spelling)

  38. BabwEmely says:

    2:31? LMAO FAIL!