TheLifeEngine – Tricking Battle Ends in Wall (Original)

Please Don’t use our video without consent. “Capoeira Battle Ends In Wall (Original Video)” Random tricking/flipping/martial arts battle begun outside Library Square (Vancouver Public Library) during game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Again, this is not actually capoeira, it was stolen from us and renamed “Capoeira Battle ends in wall”. That became what the video was most popularly known as, so we changed the name so that users could find the video. The original name is “Stanley Cup Finals Backflip Battle”. What you see in the video is actually Wushu and tumbling/gymnastics. June 4th, 2011 Vancouver, BC Canada wooooo GO canucks GO! More videos to come, Please Subscribe!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “TheLifeEngine – Tricking Battle Ends in Wall (Original)”

  1. AddictiveRhythm says:

    Well, he knocked himself out before the asian guy? did it…

  2. anderson2824 says:


  3. techno59070 says:

    Lmaoo u kno he? bin smocking something lol

  4. ZavenHD says:

    hu awr yew? eye doht remimbur u frum mai cahments?

  5. papagaiocapu says:

    Stressed out, are we? R U? the dude that ate the wall?

  6. Brandon Smith says:

    He had to? of been drunk, high or a ra-tard.

  7. ZavenHD says:

    It’s not capoeira…. asshole. It’s called Tricking. Search it.?

  8. docsmosh says:

    The guy behind the camera is gay?

  9. papagaiocapu says:

    Not capoeira, but dude… ouch!!! man I felt? pain for that guy.

  10. Julie68469 says:

    I’m brazilian and I was? like:ok,it’s not capoiera,

  11. MrJacobValdez says:

    Its called? Tricking FYI !

  12. suckabagofpenises says:


  13. drawmuhammed says:

    look at the tags?

  14. danijuarez1994 says:

    black guy surely? has balls.:D

  15. trampolinetrixters says:

    the black kid wins.?

  16. Zelltarian says:

    Is it just? me or does this guy kinda sound like like Damian from Makemebad35

  17. ThePogokiller says:

    I believe its a asian? male

  18. raysoul101 says:

    of course you? ask the white guy and not the black guy if they are all right :L

  19. largefighter says:

    I don’t see capoeira…
    just some guy doing the wushu butterfly kick, and some? black dumbass who can only tumble = S

  20. hamad aloqayli says: