The TripDub (2012) – “Good Time” by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

The TripDub (2012) -

Road Trip + LipDub = TripDub Five weeks in the making, 5 provinces, 10 states, 1 territory, and Greenland. This trip took us from Vancouver, BC to Ottawa, ON, before journeying to opposite ends of the continent.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “The TripDub (2012) – “Good Time” by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen”

  1. Alessandra Sferlazza says:

    this? is awesome!

  2. Barb Drake says:

    ENVY Hate! When was the last time you went to 5 provinces, 10 states, 1? territory and Greenland…Nuff said! Good job Guys!

  3. hilzybuddy says:


  4. Az Mandius says:

    Gay? as shit.

  5. M3talMilitia666 says:

    so? sweet

  6. xhaiiro says:

    Haha this is? great 🙂

  7. DriftXShadow says:

    😀 Good job Shads! So inspiring? as always <3

  8. atin20 says:

    You guys must get so much? girls. LOL JK

  9. TheTaalman says:

    Great movie, great trip but the big question: did? you moviestars get laid by the girls during the trip? 😀 Keep up the good times and memories. If you guys wanna see Holland you’re invited!

  10. VolkswagenCanada says:

    Great video guys! We especially? like the Jetta TDI cameo.

  11. PioggiaNelVento says:

    You probably don’t remember? me, but I do remember you. 🙂
    Good job, guys!

  12. Karen Lee says:

    Great Video Ryan….guess I don’t have to ask “what did you do this? summer?”

  13. Hectictrifying says:

    Why do people hate? so much. This was awesome.

  14. allieegraham says:

    Holy crap, Ryan! This is incredible! WOWOWOWOW! It looks like you? had an amazing time 🙂


  15. Josh Joubert says:

    I’m proud to say i know you two haha? bros well done!!!

  16. SaffronSam says:

    I? love this

  17. Brigitte Cheong says:

    That was? absolutely amazing.

  18. leafsrule123456789 says:

    so happy I was smart enough to know where you were in? Ottawa 😀 Christ, I’ve lived here 8 years, you think that wouldn’t be an impossible feat.

  19. Sarah H says:

    hOLY CRAP ?