The Science of COOL!

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Bhangra by SFU Girls at UBC Deepmala 2010 (whole performance)

Bhangra by SFU Girls. Diwali celebration. Deepmala 2010. Presented by the UBC ISA-UTSAV (The Indian Students’ Association). UBC (University of British Columbia), Vancouver, BC, Canada. Oct 23, 2010. UBC ISA-UTSAV. Posted with permission from UTSAV.
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32 Responses to “The Science of COOL!”

  1. slipofsilver says:

    ad blocker plus? works wonders

  2. Be3p123 says:

    vsauce already covered? this 😉

  3. GalactcusSpartan says:

    The? ads are the only way I can bear there simplistic and subpar panning journalism that is Sourcefed.

  4. VampiricShark says:

    if you actually care? and?? read all of? this,? then thank? you.i? work? my? butt? off? 2 make it as a youtuber, but its impossible 2 make? it if? nooneever hears you, and? its hard to get people? to?? hear you when you? have noexposure….i? dont have the money? for? amazing? music videos or big youtube advertisements….if? you could take two? seconds to give me a? thumbs up?? or even? subscribe just so people know? i exist…. please just gimme a? chance? to be? liked

  5. mmalinab says:

    …well they did the survey on UBC students. of course they will find high academic achievement “cool”. everyone has their own interpretation of? what is cool. coolness is not something that can be universally defined.

  6. xMrDrPepperx says:

    Steve Buscemi is my neighbor’s brother-in-law. I met him at a cookout once,? he is quite cool lol

  7. BioTheWolf says:

    Figuring out what ‘Cool’ is, Seems more important than figuring out the? cure for cancer.

  8. TenaciousTentacruel says:


  9. UberDragonn says:

    thank you 😕 )

  10. wasthatme97 says:

    You’re cool? joe…4:10…maybe not 🙂

  11. KidamixGaara says:

    What i personally think it is, He’s very? talented, and whats even better, hes down to earth, knows whats important. He was a drug addict like no other, and turned everything around because he realized he needed a chance, now hes got a wife, kid, pets, has an amazing career, hes not a holly wood douchbag, confidence, sure hes attractive, but its so much more than that. everyone on earth was half the man he is, thigns would probably be a whole lot better

  12. imgoingtousemyname says:

    Cool is both a degree of temperature and a a deemed quality that people find in? one an others acquaintances.

  13. TookItHomeToJenny says:

    Sure thing!
    Do you have a preference for flavour? I? was going to get some Phish food, but I also have Mixed Baked…
    I will post you a dish. 😀

  14. UberDragonn says:

    O.o …. you win!
    while you are up? could you get me one? too please??
    ty 🙂

  15. OwlCityFan26 says:

    Cool is? adorable and nerdy and self confident and hilarious and caring. My dream guy -3

  16. TreClaire says:

    I LOOOOOVVVEE Patrick? Stewart!

  17. windchill1belle says:

    A box.? you were close 😀

  18. chrizbie says:

    So many people complain of the YouTube ads before videos, install Google chrome out Firefox? and install the extension “ad block” or “ad block plus” problem solved!

  19. KellyAnimalLover says:

    Someone’s cool if they’re? funny. period.

  20. jerppepepe says:

    Does Lee have? to stand on a bucket ? ;DDD

  21. multanisandy says:

    yellow wali sexy? we yar

  22. TheGurnoorsingh says:

    First Song- Nach Billo by Malkit Singh Ft. Mumzy
    Second Song-? Panjaban by Punjabi MC
    Third Song-Punjabane Shokeen Kudiye- Rupinder Handa
    Fourth Song- Kudiya Panjab Diyan

  23. lovelplants says:

    i like indian music really and the? dance.. cute girl in green, whiten polka dots.. hehehe

  24. sunders6 says:

    what is the name of the second song?!? it is so good!

  25. bubblesb587 says:

    can ANYONE tell me any of the songs? in this performance , PLEASE .

  26. MultiJessie23 says:

    The first song? is from Malkit’s album Nach Billo.

  27. MultiJessie23 says:

    The first song is from Malkit’s? album Nach billo.

  28. Girishjasil says:

    tell me soon…pls?

  29. Girishjasil says:

    really? amazing performance…
    can u tell me the album name of this song????

  30. CmProduction100 says:

    yaar sachi tera nachna lai? gaya dil kad kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  31. dayandnight45 says:

    does anybody? know the songs name the one right in the beginning ?

  32. bawagsk says:

    Salute to the Girls to the For doing it again!!!! Amazing Performance !! Keep it up!!!?