The Re-Up BBQ

The Re-Up BBQ Reviews

700 Hornby St
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (59 Reviews)

Review by Megan S.
Not to toot my own bacon here, but I am a fairly experienced pulled pork eater AND maker. All too often, I encounter pork that’s been cooked either too high…
Rating: 4

Review by Jeff S.
Just tried Re-Up BBQ for the first time. WOW….what a delicious sandwich from a street cart.

The bun is very fresh…but that is just the start. The…
Rating: 5

Review by Trevor K.
Who says a food truck only serves quickly made food?

You can tell by the taste of Re-Up BBQ that their meat is slowed cooked. It’s tender, moist,…
Rating: 5