The Proper Villains – Your Heart (radio)

GET IT ON ITUNES HERE: Fueled by the infectious chemistry of rapper Mike Harris, singer Colette, and drummer Kills, The Proper Villains are an innovative fusion of electro/dubstep/rap/pop. Mike is a diverse producer/songwriter set to take the hip hop world by storm through the intricate elements of his rhyme scheme, flow, and lyrics. Colette is a full out vocal power house, bringing the heart and soul to each and every song with unforgettable hooks and harmonies, and Kills is the driving force that keeps the crowd moving with intense drops, kicks, and bass. Together, The Proper Villains will blow your doors, steal your heart and getaway clean before you even know what hit you… Contact:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “The Proper Villains – Your Heart (radio)”

  1. bellarina1294 says:

    nice : )…?

  2. nyashamayne says:

    SPF? 2012!!!!!

  3. kraizie101 says:

    Damn Kells? ! Starting to really get up there !

  4. TheDRod69 says:

    they are playin at? the PNE this summer

  5. usernam4444 says:

    this isn’t dubstep!!?

  6. subeez1 says:

    I keep? looking to download this on itunes. Love it. Heard it on the Beat a while ago.

  7. eurofutballa12 says:

    You guys are going to be at Throwed in Boston Jan 19, 2012! I hope I can make it. You? guys are the best..

  8. teddyruxbinable says:

    ginger bread cookies shaped like ginger bread men….?

  9. superstarnails1 says:

    i met the guy? from here on omegle 😀

  10. nick2nick86 says:

    Love the song? guys!

  11. CutiePieJessica5 says:

    i love this song because? i’m from vancouver. (8

  12. Zeeligman says:

    on? itunes??

  13. Spar1er says:

    surrey? what

  14. PhyrIsSoCold says:

    @Grace101909 You kidding me? Canada has plenty of talented artists. Wow, you’ve been missing out if you’ve just noticed this.? >.<

  15. HipHopAsh2 says:

    Ya? vancity rep <3

  16. KmkSuburban says:

    saw you guys at squamish you should havebeen one of the end groups you could”ve been way more hype, still you got the crwd? going

  17. TM22isViral says:

    Saw these guys at Live? at Squamash. Holy SHIT I love them. 😀

  18. ImKoolWithThis says:

    I’m from Surrey? to 🙂

  19. covergirll says:

    No joke I tried to shazam this song like 15 times? and it woudnt recognize it and I went on a rant to a friend about how I kept hearing this amazing song and couldn’t find it, he sent me the link to this. You guys are amazing and it’s awesome to know you guys are from where I am from. So proud, you guys deserve it.