The Party Bazaar

The Party Bazaar Reviews

1296 Station St.
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (13 Reviews)

Review by Hikaru N.
After striking out badly at Dressews, (wait for the upcoming review) I ended up here as my last resort to try and find a sailor hat/costume for the Sayonara…
Rating: 4

Review by Robin M.
Sailor hats, helium tank rentals (can’t buy these bad boys here), multi-length streamers, colourful wigs, piƱatas!! Yes, it’s all here, and yes, it’s all…
Rating: 4

Review by J N.
After looking all over Vancouver, Seattle, Bellingham, Whiterock–you name it–I reluctantly returned here on the Sunday before Hallowe’en. But just as I…
Rating: 4