The Met Bar & Grill

The Met Bar & Grill Reviews

New Westminster
411 Columbia St
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (6 Reviews)

Review by Folland O.
Rohan S. says it perfectly re: their craft beer. “When you’re in there, it feels like the Coors Light folks have got the message but the Craft Beer Crowd…
Rating: 5

Review by Rohan S.
This is an odd but charming little pub in New West.
They’re trying hard to transition from the Coors Light to the Craft Beer Crowd.
When you’re in there,…
Rating: 4

Review by Shannon P.
This review is for the attached Beer and Wine store.

Average at best. I miss the days when all the staff that worked there had facial piercings and crazy…
Rating: 3