THE LION KING: Scar and Mufasa

Meet Mufasa and Scar from the landmark musical: THE LION KING. Hear from the actors and the creative team behind the production as they talk about the importance of these characters and the values they represent. Connect with us on Facebook at
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20 Responses to “THE LION KING: Scar and Mufasa”

  1. ahmed86441 says:

    0:35 A man LoooL?

  2. bioniclegods says:


  3. bioniclegods says:


  4. kingdomdisney1 says:

    Oh, who cares if Scar is white? If he can sing and act the part of Scar, then he deserves it is all I have to say. Stop being racist and enjoy it,? for goodness sake.

  5. 33geishagirl says:

    dude, Scar is? played by a white man?

  6. Emmazriderz says:

    How’s? it racist?

  7. lagundafire says:

    Their voices. Are amazing,? You can hear their power and talent just through them talking.

  8. munchkingirlful says:

    my classmate would say? “that’s racist” haha

  9. John-Michael LeBlanc says:


  10. sonicx30001 says:

    even awesomer in the? movie lol

  11. Nyah Random says:

    Mufasa is now played by Shaun Escoffery and i know him!!!! He got me free tickets one time and backstage pass :p Absolutely amazing? show my dream is to be an older Nala in this one day. I’m still work in progress :p The previous older Nala said “If you have a dream, follow it because? it will come true” :

  12. cristinapetrisia says:

    @TheKilleenRoo wow ur sooo stupid not to be racist blah blah blah. dont be saying white are bad? when both of us arent all that much of what u call good these days. pllus its white ancestors fault,.not ours. more respect plz

  13. Megafloejoe says:



  14. loveablefilms says:

    They never show scar in the? preveiws. :C

  15. scarletblood1997 says:

    Truthfully I think scar is amazingggggg… he portrayed his character is amazing, not many people wants to be the bad guy but he did it so amazingly. Even the? way he talked and walked matched scar perfectly. APPLAUD HIM PEOPLE!!!!

  16. ekf5018 says:

    I’d love to see these interview? videos with the touring cast like Dionne Randolf, J Anthony Crane and Jelani Remy. I saw the show today and I could not see it done with any other actors, they did such an amazing job and their voices just fit the characters so well.

  17. TheKilleenRoo says:

    @clocks05: not be a racist, but this is true, think back in the histories, most? of the white men were the enemy

  18. memorialadd says:

    scar is awesome? in the musical!!! <333

  19. clocks05 says:

    of course scar,? the bad guy is a white man, haha

  20. clocks05 says:

    of? scar, the bad guy is a white man, haha.