THE LION KING on “Dancing with the Stars”

Watch the 9/23 performance of Disney’s THE LION KING on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” This performance of “Circle of Life” featured the most performers ever to appear on the DWTS stage at one time! Connect with us on Facebook at

The creative team and cast members discuss the characters they bring to life. For a study guide, visit Connect with us on Facebook at
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34 Responses to “THE LION KING on “Dancing with the Stars””

  1. Audrey Brown says:

    Wow… both were good? … the lion king and the stars….

  2. TheVintageFiend says:

    Crap I shaved…and now I have goosebumps and all? my hair grew back -.-

  3. megamuncher342 says:

    Goosebumps! Every? time!

  4. Abigail Jarrard says:

    I? saw it on thursday

  5. cpemwe says:

    saw the? Lion King last night…crying again; just BEAUTIFUL!

  6. neecee401100 says:

    Oh? Good I’m glad I wasn’t the only one…

  7. diamondxoxanime says:

    I started crying… And I don’t understand? why

  8. fritzwa11 says:

    I hate it when those damn ninjas? cut onions right next to me.

  9. whitelion44 says:

    God I have to find a way to? see this again in person

  10. kerahinterland says:

    I? cried…..Yes, jesebud, those darn onions!!!

  11. jesebud says:

    stupid? onions…

  12. Milomia9 says:

    It may be encouraging but when youre trying to sing yourself or play an instrument I dont want a spontaneous “WOO” ruining my concentration. Thats? why you cheer at the beginning then at the end. In classical music its considered impolite to clap during the song or scream throughout the entire thing.

  13. Milomia9 says:

    Especially in instrumental concerts. In one of the recordings for Final Fantasy Distant Worlds some guy kept going “WOOOO” in the middle? of the song.

  14. springfairy556 says:

    I think this goes for any performance, I hate when I go to see a live show and you have to clap after each song.Hold the clapping till? the end.

  15. Ingeborg1990 says:

    This is such an amazing production and performance that the audience does not need to be told to? clap!! 🙂 just saying

  16. BusinessDog2000 says:

    The audience does what it’s told. I’ve been to a few recordings of these sorts of shows (X-Factor, Australia’s Got Talent etc.) and the crowd warmer/stage director runs through it all with you? before the actual performances.

  17. nalaqueenm says:

    hey, Nala you are my favorite character in lion king because you are strongest? lion Nalaqueenm <3 Nala

  18. kittysoftpaws12 says:

    what about? shenzi, banzai and ed….

  19. warriorcats5 says:

    rafiki is doch ein mann!?

  20. makeiteasyable says:

    i love? this movie

  21. queencess93 says:

    is the little boy who plays simba at 2:52 ben from? tracy beaker?

  22. xxxTinkyWinkyy999xxx says:

    Timon looks like? he has rabbies 0_o

  23. DjJoeee says:

    @lionboy923? look @1:22

  24. TheZaccrazy says:

    Yeah Them too?

  25. lionboy923 says:

    What about? the three hyenas?

  26. TheZaccrazy says:

    OK Dudes You Missed one Charater. Sirabie Mufasa? wife

  27. LifeActingSinging says:

    I agree 100%! The children? are very important! Maybe they were at school, I guess they have to go when they’re not performing in a huge musical 😉

  28. bunnehlover13 says:

    Being a teen/kid and not getting to know the children role’s and who plays them sort of? upsets me. They are equally import as Zazu or Scar…I think they should of had an interview that made it on this clip.

  29. larifari12oder3 says:


  30. Dinker27 says:

    I thought it was because the archetype of? the healer-priest(ess) in some parts of Africa, a sangoma, is oftentimes female?

  31. GodofBrownies says:

    Was that Paulette Ivory in the West End??

  32. FellowLad says:

    I just watched the musical and I was blown away! But I would have never expected that under the makeup, “Scar” is whiter than the other lions, and “Pumbaa”? is thinner than “Timon”!

  33. falakalak says:

    Saw this in london on sunday! It was AMAZING! I enjoyed? it WAY more than the kids :’D

  34. green08green08green says:

    i sooo? want to watch this on broadway it looks so awesome