THE LION KING – Hamburg, Germany

Take a taste of THE LION KING… in German! Enjoy this video montage of the Hamburg production of Disney’s THE LION KING. Connect with us on Facebook at This is a scene from Twilight: New Moon showing “The Cullen’s” house which is actually an Estate Home located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The home is currently listed by Jason Soprovich and can be found at: For the latest in Multimillion Dollar Luxury Real Estate be sure to check out Pricey Pads. Frequent updated posts will ensure you’ll be entertained. See You There.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

31 Responses to “THE LION KING – Hamburg, Germany”

  1. Audrey Brown says:

    This? show is really good…. actually my best one … love to watch …

  2. LionWingenedMunki39 says:

    Y can’t someone post the FULL Lion King Broadway performance on YouTube?? And i mean Act 1 AND 2!

  3. John Horton says:

    Everything is So Different in the? International Productions of the Lion King including The Stampede the Scenery has changed. I mean can performers see in the Wildebeest Costumes?

  4. LionWingenedMunki39 says:

    [iminent rb=anim][/rb] my name Lion King What’s yours?

    I have just posted? some super Text FX!

  5. Lucy Totev says:

    I love The Lion King!!!? *___*

  6. cipherlitera says:

    I watched the lion king yesterday here in Germany, but I’ll visit Singapore just in a few days 🙂 Unfortunately? I won’t be able to watch it it Singapore again 🙁

  7. notimez1 says:


  8. xVayliex says:

    Scar? <3

  9. osakinanakomatsu says:

    I dont understand anything? she says but it makes me cry anyway!

  10. femininitylove says:

    R.I.P Shannon Tavarez (Young Nala) such a? talented strong young girl you will be missed.

  11. DoraCharleston says:

    das lied heißt “der ewige kreis” und ist hier als hintergrundmusik offenbar ein zusammenschnitt aus dem ersten lied des musicals und dem ende (“der könig kehrt zurück -? der ewige kreis (reprise)”)

  12. FreakyFreshFreaak says:

    wie heißt des lied ? ?

  13. Wolfmaedchen says:

    That? was so amazing i have no words for that

  14. Jens0mat says:


  15. Rodney Teasley says:

    I? love this vidoe thank you broway

  16. JM10112 says:

    All the Lion King? shows are Excellent!

  17. trekstar says:

    Love the theatre in Hamburg. ? Great production.

  18. TheTeeShirtShow says:

    german.. a lovely language..
    lion king.. a wonderful show..
    together you get a lovely and wonderful production!?

  19. JustinAdamss says:

    Gosh, this musical amazes me. <3 Loves it.? So powerful.

  20. Bettlejack says:

    Why would that matter??

  21. matinafoxy says:

    hahaha? ;P

  22. MissPiggy1009 says:

    it was Edwards fault,why did he push her so hard in to the? glass pots

  23. lilboots6411 says:


  24. lilboots6411 says:

    thats not? new moon

  25. faithgirl87 says:

    I have the? link to watch the 7 minutes of Part 2. PdF4Tvxnhsk <- just? do it? without the spaces & click desktop. BTW,? this is legit.

  26. kandyyolochick says:

    i still wonder what was in the? box

  27. jeenashirkey04 says:

    yea im so jealous of whoever owns it?

  28. Cheslea Ryan says:

    i know? right such a beauitful house

  29. rider4life1017 says:

    I’m 17 years old and I’ve never had a? paper cut that bled THAT much. Ever.

  30. Ryan Anglin says:

    Damn thats a amazing house. I love how many windows there is in Edwards bedroom, and how you can? see the forrest through the windows.

  31. qwerty71207 says:

    nice job edward you made ur hole family wana eat? ur girlfriend