The Hives “Go Right Ahead” OFFICIAL VIDEO

The Hives

The Hives’ OFFICIAL official video for “Go Right Ahead” off the new album LEX HIVES – available now on Disques Hives. Visit for more info COME ON! Purchase LEX HIVES here NORTH AMERICA SEPT 2012 JUST ANNOUNCED & ON SALE NOW! see rest of dates here: & September on sale now! Sep 06 2012 – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC (19+): Sep 07 2012 – Showbox SoDo – Seattle, WA- ALL AGES: Sep 08 2012 – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR (Musicfest NW) ALL AGES : Sep 10 2012 – Fox Theater – Oakland, CA- ALL AGES: Sep 11 2012 – The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA- ALL AGES: Sep 13 2012 – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas — The Pool – Las Vegas, NV- ALL AGES: Sep 14 2012 – The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA- ALL AGES: Sep 16 2012 – Red Rocks Amphitheater/93.3 KTCL BIG GIG – Morrison, CO- ALL AGES: these guys rule: Directors: Johan Toorell and John Nordqvist- Producer: Göran Lagerberg Production company: Bold Faces / Team Tony DOP: Niklas Panthell Editor: Henning Mark Special FX: Johan Toorell Color grading: John Nordqvist Styling director / set design: John Nordqvist Styling / make up: Johanna Moe Styling assistant: Julia Andersen Focus puller: Adrian Levander, Electricians: Joachim Bengtsson, Carl Dahllöf Prod ass: Johan Lagerberg, Johan Buhre Digitech
Video Rating: 4 / 5

That 1 Guy plays The Moon is Disgusting (It’s Made Out of Cheese) on The Magic Pipe as an introduction to his gig at The Railway Club, Vancouver, BC, Canada, on April 6th. (Has the famous line, “the the honey tastes sweeter when you anger the bees”) http his music can now be bought as ringtones:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “The Hives “Go Right Ahead” OFFICIAL VIDEO”

  1. Guilherme Vasconcelos says:

    go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead go right ahead ?

  2. mazmacpherson08 says:

    love the hives! new stuff? is good ya!

  3. PutaQRiCoxD says:


  4. ClubDominoEnglish says:

    These guys totally? kicked ass yesterday at Gröna Lund!!!!

  5. FairyOfAsylum says:

    Love this song.?

  6. Zoltán Józsa says:

    This? song is a bit like a Rocket From The Crypt’s song, but I like it!

  7. justin1989001 says:

    you guys FREAKING ROCK!!! saw you guys at Red Rocks CO, and loved the you guys!!!!!? keep it up!!!!!!

  8. 25thCenturyQuaker1 says:

    As much as I like the Hives, I have to admit that it does sound very similar to ELO (although I see that they acknowledged this in their song credits). However this? isn’t the first time that someone’s ‘borrowed’ one of their riffs. What about Paul Weller’s ‘The Changingman’?

  9. princessjuliax says:

    pelle = sexiest? man alive

  10. boobiemaster1 says:

    Go write a hit. And? so they did?

  11. johnulloa34 says:

    The hives? ask ELO if they could help them in thier album. And they ask premission if they could us dont bring me down.

  12. Sector806 says:

    Don’t Let Me Down….?

  13. Palacesblowlittle says:

    Well, it is just your opinion, all the best dress advisers, and the good taste, indicates the contrary. It would be nice that a rock band? wears correctly the most formal attire, demonstrate that two apparently contradictory things can go together.

  14. chrislarson15 says:

    It looks good. Just because it doesn’t hold to tradition doesn’t mean it’s bad. They are? a rock band, and they look good.

  15. Palacesblowlittle says:

    Formal attire is not dictated by fashion but style, and style indicates they? made it bad.

  16. chrislarson15 says:

    Fashion is? dictated by innovators, not purists.

  17. FaithAndMisery17 says:

    I LOVE THE HIVES 😀 their black and white outfits are? always awesome 😀

  18. KraljOsovina says:

    But why would u ruin your? good comment by comparing it to The Beatles doing A COVER of a song. That’s not the same, god.

  19. KraljOsovina says:

    The issue is that people don’t read. Which means that when they come here to complain they don’t know that unlike so many other bands and artists today THE HIVES has class! They don’t know that The Hives contacted and gave cred to the member of ELO who wrote the song ( he now stands as an official songwriter for this song) as soon as they noticed the similarity. ?

  20. Palacesblowlittle says:

    I suppose they pretend to wear “white tie” attire. well they sucks, The waistcoat should never extend below the bottom of the jacket. Otherwise they just looks ridiculous.

    As an authoritative adviser indicates:

    google for “black tie guide” and go to white tie section.

    Another? example is my playlist titled top hat.

  21. birchey582 says:

    i saw them at? made in america mind = blown

  22. SuperNuclearDuck says:

    So, how did the hives get the? Zeppelin into space?

  23. v0rtexgenerat0r says:

    sergio yuppie of course! the? master of his art

  24. wmschroeder says:

    The least they could’ve? done was to play it in another key signature……… =)

  25. superiorconnections says:

    i get the same sounds? when i play my guitar with a drumstick

  26. TurkishSuperGuy says:

    Your truly Amazing that Guy, and the character to go with it as well. When i first saw him on stage i though he came out with a giant vacuum cleaner, like parts from it.?

  27. halsinden says:

    if you have the time, watch this as it’s VERY much him – youtube DOT com? /watch?v=s2OgM41BeHg

  28. Dillinify says:

    that face at 5:37? is hilarious

  29. skizzleforizz says:

    Sounds? like creed but not shitty. And not at all like creed.

  30. loranceb says:

    sounds like NIN but cooler…? me likey

  31. TheToonahh says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! POP!…? My head blew again…

  32. CookieAdventures says:

    Now that’s? a bass!

  33. scootroose says:

    What a bad? ass….

  34. mrrawballs39 says:

    me too last? sunday

  35. Benjamin McMahon says:

    THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!? Off the charts amazing

  36. jonesBONES40 says:

    amazing live, gotta see him and buckethead… brilliant

  37. bwjarman says:

    Amazing musician……he? is a pure entertainer and a very original artist. I have been fortunate enough to see him 5 times at various festivals and every time i see him i always leave with the sense of amazement and WTF just happend. haha

  38. JerichoDitch2 says:

    the guy is playing his? shower drain ?

  39. YakuzaJoe88 says:

    On the search bar where it should be. I enjoy dubstep, but this is instrumental music here. Not FL? Studio or GarageBand.

  40. drumtuxD says:

    Lol I typed disgusting on YouTube and a video comes up of a show that I was at! Will’s Pub Orlando fl!!!!!!!!? It was the fourth time I had seen him perform… Amazing every time!

  41. mTheoriexboxl says:

    were? is a dubstep rmx when you need it?

  42. epsilon127 says:

    i have no idea what i’m watching, but i’m enjoying? it thoroughly.

  43. scootroose says:

    me too! Some of the most fantastic live sets i’ve yet? to witness! Just wonderful 😀

  44. LunarLilith333 says:

    I saw him? live twice…amazing guy!

  45. KingDecahedron says:

    freekin awesome?

  46. KingDecahedron says:

    I was a bouncer at a place where That? One Guy played – I can’t get over his talent

  47. Nighttime567 says:

    He made 1 giant bop-it? haha, amazing tho

  48. Cakeries says:

    humans? can be amazing creatures.

  49. csselement says:

    2:57 these lyrics? build so much energy – awesome