The History of Canada’s Independence

The Factuary: On July 4, 1776, the United States declared independence from Great Britain, but at that time Canada was still not an independent. In this episode of The Factuary, Guy Branum explains what Canada has to celebrate. Watch and learn just how Canada got their independence, their beaver on their money, their very own flag and their Canada Day!!! Watch another episode of The Factuary here – If you like The Factuary be sure to follow Thrash Lab – Twitter – Facebook – SUBSCRIBE to Thrash Lab – “The Factuary” Created/Written/Hosted by Guy Branum Directed by Bennet Silverman Produced by Brin Lukens Edited by Brad Conlin Barfly played by Alex Koll
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20 Responses to “The History of Canada’s Independence”

  1. jackiewolfcin says:

    Digrassi = only good thing to come out of? Canada lol

  2. greenpeach20 says:

    Perhaps. But can a maple leaf make a dam out of leaves, twigs, and spit and chop down trees with their? teeth? I don’t think so.

  3. TWaileka says:

    Ahem. Canada can THANK Benjamin Franklin that they are not part of the USA… HE said “let great britain keep Canada’. And so it was, etc.? etc. etc. It pays to read ALL the history books, huh.

  4. TWaileka says:

    They wanted to put the beaver on the flag, the maple leaf ‘won’ by a small? margin. (Yes I grok u were making a joke).

  5. greenpeach20 says:

    Or? the Elder Scrolls games

  6. greenpeach20 says:

    They should’ve put the Beaver on? their flag

  7. RW2996 says:

    Sorry to waste a few? seconds of your life. Im sure you have sooooooo much going on 😉

  8. RW2996 says:

    Sorry to waste? a few seconds of your life. Im sure you have sooooooo much going on 😉

  9. MsColdCanada says:

    Jumble, bumble, rumble, huh? I wasted? a few seconds of my life reading your comment so I might as well practice my typing skills and reply. Giggity.

  10. RW2996 says:

    Really?…Telling someone that something doesnt? phase u ,is proof that it does phase u. Because if it didnt phase you, then u wouldnt need to respond so bluntly….. Thanks

  11. MsColdCanada says:

    Your trolling does not phase? me.

  12. RW2996 says:

    “They that fight for freedom undertakeThe noblest cause mankind can have at stake.” -William? Cowper-

  13. sugercube99 says:

    Viva Le Beavers? LULZ

  14. coralsonicsorafan2 says:

    Next do the Fallout series by? Bethesda

  15. RW2996 says:

    Or? its more like we celebrate our Independence while you celebrate your Dependence 😉

  16. seeinlay4details says:

    “We call them mama’s boys”. Everyone else calls them the people who kicked your ass a few years later when you went? to war with them. Normally I don’t bring this kind of thing up as it’s bad manners and I have no problem with the states but your attitude there was kind of annoying.

  17. greenpeach20 says:

    That Queen gets me every? time.

  18. GirWillKeelYew89 says:

    Be right back, gonna go to Canada to get? a beaver coin. 😀

  19. zmanopiu1 says:


  20. Doomhead22 says:

    Yeah, America really won because French suck diack?