This is the sequel to the “MY NAME IS JOHNNY CANUCK” viral video. This HD short film tells a twisted tale of Johnny Canuck’s failed quest for the “perfect year”, and the emotional aftermath that follows. With the physical fight over, Johnny must now mentally battle his shock and grief to rise yet again. The first film reinvented the historical Johnny Canuck character as a gritty and real version of the 140 year old Canadian icon. His story again reflects the Vancouver Canucks’ legendary Stanley Cup playoff run of 2011. Director/Johnny Canuck- Adam MacKay-Smith Producer/Camera- Sonya Adloff Associate Producers- Stuart MacKay-Smith and Vince Prokop Johnny Canuck’s Dog- “Hakai” Music “When Worlds Collide” and “Battle of Bremen” by Thomas Vo “Strings of the Apocalypse” by Andy Doran Special Thanks to Ace MacKay-Smith Jimmy Gluvic Mike Wilson Gary Faustman Brent Ehklund Dan Yano Cain Martin Brett Horwood Winni MacKay-Smith and everyone who shared, showed or told others about our first film, and then asked for a second film. Johnny salutes you. CHALLENGE- Did you spot the 1994 Canucks “skate” logo appearing briefly in this movie? For more information on these films, or to contact the filmmakers, please visit