The Green Men at the Playoffs Vs the LA Kings

The Green Men made their way to the Playoffs and they did a great job distracting the LA King players.
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14 Responses to “The Green Men at the Playoffs Vs the LA Kings”

  1. izzybizzyliz says:

    this is from 2 years ago. The? canucks dominated this playoffs. you tried? 🙂

  2. izzybizzyliz says:

    that’s funny? this is from two seasons ago.

  3. thebambimancan says:

    You can’t expect LA Kings fans to know that Halpern was traded to Montreal AND THEN the? Capitals and didn’t play for them this season, or that Justin Williams spent the last season in Columbus. They’re only on the bandwagon until the Lakers start playing again.

  4. thebambimancan says:

    In? 2010?

  5. TeddyPicker191 says:

    The best part of this video is? when the Kings won the Cup.

  6. crazylilboy562 says:

    hahaha and this is y? we won the 2012 playoffs huh hahah

  7. andyman33870 says:

    haha those guys? are so gay, especially after LA completely dominated the Canucks in the playoffs. Its the NHL not a circus or special ed class.

  8. ElduroTVx says:

    is this shit legal?

  9. izzybizzyliz says:

    I have a feeling that all the LA kings “fans”? commenting here think that this was from this season. THIS WAS FROM TWO SEASONS AGO. Greenmen don’t go to many games anymore

  10. BYOSProductions says:

    thanks charlie.?

  11. twinboys2001 says:

    go to my channel to see? tim thomas rage

  12. breastfedTV says:

    wonder if they’re on? acid too.

  13. ajmuteia says:


  14. Bill Sargent says:

    Bush league antics. All I can say is KARMA!!! Canuck fans got? what they deserve.