The Coolest Theremin Video Ever – [Walk off the Earth]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

tegan & sara – back in your head (tiesto remix) BIO: Tegan and Sara are a Canadian indie band formed in 1995 in Calgary. Composed of identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin (born September 19, 1980). Both Tegan and Sara play guitar and keyboard and write their songs. Tegan and Sara Quin were born September 19, 1980 in Calgary, Alberta. They began playing guitar and writing songs at age 15.They initially played as Plunk without a drummer or bass player. In 1997, they used their school’s recording studio to record two demo albums: Who’s in Your Band? and Play Day. In 1998, they won Calgary’s Garage Warz competition, using the studio time they won to record their first professional demo, Yellow tape, which was followed by Orange tape and Red tape. In 2009, both Tegan and Sara worked as producers for the first time. Tegan worked with char2d2 on the 2009 Small Vampires EP, while Sara worked on 2010 debut albums for Fences and Hesta Prynn. Both twins are openly gay. Tegan lives in Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, CA. Sara lives in Montreal, QC and New York, NY.

30 Responses to “The Coolest Theremin Video Ever – [Walk off the Earth]”

  1. Marshall Aberle says:

    But are you able to respond to this? Because theremin’s really don’t play sitting on a table? like that… Since the table is closer to the volume antenna than your hand when you’re “playing,” then the table is actually in control of the volume…. so yeah, this isn’t theremin playing. And then when you’re explaining it in the second part you wave your hand next to the pitch antenna and it doesn’t make a sound. 🙁 stupid.

  2. bew googie says:

    to all the people that doubt this guy is playing the instrument… try watching some other WOTE videos. ever heard of a musical genius? ? im sure that a deaf guy really wrote all those symphonies too huh…. just because you cant do anything at all doesnt mean that other people dont have crazy talent… diaf haters

  3. Dianderson1816 says:

    Ok he may or may? not be playing that device thing. But is he stoned?

  4. MossySparkz says:

    Zig Zags.? Nice Gianni.

  5. TherAsynth says:

    This is my last posting here – so insult me all you like – I wont be coming back!
    To summarise:



    This is? NOT A THEREMIN VIDEO – it is a video of Gianni pretending to play theremin over a KEYBOARD track!

  6. TherAsynth says:

    Thanks – I respect those rare individuals like you for whom apology when they make a mistake, is no big deal. And yes – my biology comments were not accurate – I chose? simple short words like “animal” and “neurone” and made an inacurate analogy simply for the purpose of insulting someone in available space + doubting that single-celled organism and other technical correctness would be noticed – LOL. Theremin comments are accurate – I design electronic musical instruments. Enough – Goodbye.

  7. TherAsynth says:

    You dont get it, do you? I have not said one word against the music – What I have said is that? I dont like being LIED TO! There is NO THEREMIN BEING PLAYED IN THIS VIDEO – So calling this “The coolest theremin video ever” is a LIE! – Saying he only got his theremin a few days ago, then pretending to play it IS A LIE !

    And its all the worse because he doesnt need to bullshit – He can play and sing.. BUT CHOOSES TO INSULT US WITH HIS BULLSHIT! – F**k tard accurately describes HIM AND YOU!

  8. HylianH3r0 says:

    Okay, I apologize for the previous comment. However, amoebae do not have “brains,” nor are they animals, as you? claimed. A neuron is a nerve cell, yet amoebae are single-celled organisms. So no, a single cell can’t contain a nerve cell. The closest thing to a brain that an amoeba has is a neucleus

  9. cooper ugland says:

    Boy, you are a F**k tard aren’t you? You should try enjoying the music instead of sitting there ripping it apart. Walk off the earth is one of? the most talented group of musicians alive today. If your bored, go try finding your pulse. Thanks!

  10. TherAsynth says:

    A neuron ( /?nj??r?n/ NEWR-on; also known as a neurone or nerve cell) is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information by electrical and chemical signaling.

    NEURON =? NEURONE. BUT.. You are right in a way.. Neuron / Neurone is not strictly the correct word to describe the ‘brain’ of an amoeba – Just like “dumb” is not an accurate word to use for a stupid person. The word was used to counter an insult – childish I know!.. Want a biology lesson ? – I didnt think so!

  11. HylianH3r0 says:


    You just discredited? every one of your comments with one word. Simpleton.

  12. TherAsynth says:

    It doesnt matter how tallented one is – if you dont turn a synthesiser or any other electronic musical instrument on, it wont play! – And if you have anything capacitively coupled to ground and/or any electrical equipment close to the volume? antenna of a theremin, THE THEREMIN WONT PRODUCE SOUND! .. And if you did detune the theremin so abusively that it did produce sound in the setup shown in this video, it WOULD BE COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE!

    Can Gianni play theremin -???- Who-TF knows !

  13. TherAsynth says:

    If I am dumb, you are an amoeba (single celled animal with one simple neurone as a brain) ! I? have designed and built theremins, had 16 of them on demonstration in the Royal Festival Hall (London) in 2010 commisioned by South Bank Arts Centre – YES, THEREMINS ARE REAL!! YOU F**KING MORON! – BUT THE THEREMIN PLAYING ON THIS VIDEO IS NOT REAL !!! Theremins work by bloody capacitance changes not by “electrical disturbance in the air” – GET AN EDUCATION before you talk SHIT!

  14. FillingAvoidMusic says:

    Theremin Fail!

  15. bgaffneysep says:

    Yeah, you aren’t playing the theremin. Why make this up?? It’s pretty clearly just a keyboard.

  16. Jens A. says:

    I really don’t like his somewhat douchebaggy attitude, but the guy is a really impressive? musician. Can’t help but like anything he does, though I can’t seem to stand him. Weird.

  17. iiSvn says:

    you are dumb, theremins are? real. they use electrical disturbance in the air and translate it into sound..

  18. 91theraggamuffin says:

    I really recognise the bass line from an early rap song, can someone? tell me what it is?! Thanks

  19. LHRtheEmperor says:

    He purchased the instrument a few days ago. Who’s to say he didn’t have ample practice time on other theremins? And besides,? he’s very talented with musical instruments. You shouldn’t base everyone’s musical progression on your own.

  20. rowbedo says:

    going to see you guys friday oct 26? 2012 at the paradise in boston…. cant wait

  21. MusicManJezza says:

    Tegan and Sara are? selling sheet music for this song and many others on? their website!
    Check it out: goo.glttyr5

  22. nhung le says:

    i love this? song and i feeling good mood

  23. hwanin1 says:

    electro-house from DJ Tiësto?!? How low can he go…???
    Deep diving…… he is like a sinking ship.?

  24. tiestoakj13 says:

    I ve just want back? in your head………… for me one of the best song of Tiestoooooooooo

  25. americanu197 says:

    close? enough 😀

  26. Lavinia-Andreea Cojocaru says: jumate de an inainte,la Bucuresti :D?

  27. americanu197 says:

    lol la navodari?? cred ca a fost primul si pentru mine

  28. Lavinia-Andreea Cojocaru says:

    it will always? remind me of my first Tiesto concert and how awesome it was.

  29. nobarecords says:

    no me gusta ._. ME? ENCANTA !!!!!!!

  30. LordTerm1nus says:

    Where did all this good music go? Why is everything that makes you feel good,? so bad?