The Christmas Gift – December 21, 2011 – itsJudysLife

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19 Responses to “The Christmas Gift – December 21, 2011 – itsJudysLife”

  1. crlnpdll says:

    How do you connect ur phone to? the lap too??

  2. jennyrobo says:

    1:22 lol
    then Judy running? to the Christmas tree 1:50 xDD
    i love u guys <3

  3. Aaron Landeros says:

    U? guys are my favorite 🙂

  4. selenagomez2806 says:

    ‘honey if u cum in here i will be really pissed”
    ‘cus i am having difficulties’

  5. 8188cutiepie says:

    I was laughing like? crazzzyyy and benjis face was soo funny

  6. MimiTuBadd92 says:

    Benji? looks almost just like julian when he grows his mustache!

  7. jamesybernabe says:

    so? cuteee.

  8. 4lifeiluvkpop says:

    omg her running? and screaming at the gifts so cute like a kid

  9. Lizy Marz says:

    Bengi is so funny I love? his sense of humor!!!!

  10. simplystormie says:

    Your laughs are? wildly contagious that my belly was hurting from laughing and i could barely get any sound out.

  11. purpledimond000 says:

    final cut

  12. TheJenniferDaang says:

    what was that game they were? playing?

  13. charlenecipres says:

    is that? fafinettex3?

  14. EspressoBrown says:

    haha! i love? both of their laughs! so cute

  15. RandomnessLuv111 says:

    “Babe you f….. “Lmaooo

  16. ninipouie says:

    i know I’m? ate for commenting but in gone of your videos you guys had a 4 wheel drive i was just wondering how come you don’t use that for traveling?

  17. faithhope0508 says:

    i know this is a super lat comment but? i love the thumbnail of this video, it’s so cute and funny!! 😀

  18. ichoco45 says:

    i? love Benji’s laugh at 1:50

  19. kamikaze777insomniac says:

    1:55 And? you guys complain about YOUR neighbors?!? LOL