THE CANADIAN Toronto To Vancouver Railriding The Rockies !

A very special train journey begins in Toronto and travels a distance of 4500 kilometres to Vancouver. The three day journey promises discovery, adventure and momentous nature as well as lively modern cities and time-honored traditions. In Toronto, the CN Tower is the highest freestanding building in the world and provides a thrilling view across the city. When the weather is good, it’s possible to see as far as 120 km to the distant haze of Niagara Falls. The Skydome is located next to the CN Tower and is a multifunctional sports arena with enormous proportions that has an extendable dome under which many types of sports events and concerts take place. The main route of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, that travels through western Canada, dates back to 1885. Although the comforts offered by the famous train are far from dated, for additional comfort, there is the Bullet Lounge, the Mural Lounge and the Art Deco Bar. The landscape opens up and in the autumn light, dense forests and dark blue lakes create an enchanting scene with a wonderful variety of color that range from ochre-yellow, dark red to purple. Passing endless cargo trains, we head to Winnipeg, the ‘City of Trees’ that lies at the mouth of both the Red River and the Assiniboine River. Containing more than 2 million trees, this former settlement is now Canada’s fourth largest city. The high peaks of the Rocky Mountains come into view, the former domain of gold-diggers, hunters and pioneers. The city of Jasper is

Cruise ship Zuiderdam, at Canada Place in Vancouver
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  1. theWolfman4u says:

    I? was on the June 23-30 trip up the coast. Nice ship. 🙂