The Canadian Men’s Ice Hockey Team – Medals Ceremony – 28. Februar 2010

The Canadian Men's Ice Hockey Team - Medals Ceremony - 28. Februar 2010

The Gold Medal Ceremony for the Canadian Men’s Ice Hockey Team at the XXI (21st) Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 28. Februar 2010 at about 3:30 PM PST! GREAT JOB TEAM CANADA!!!!!!:)
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11 Responses to “The Canadian Men’s Ice Hockey Team – Medals Ceremony – 28. Februar 2010”

  1. ralphyization says:

    No offense, but? nobody likes Toronto. I live in Ontario, but they’re not friendly there. just saying….

  2. dchang11 says:

    Although I had the same feelings as the Americans, I was? proud of them for receiving the silver.

  3. ralphyization says:

    I guess my point is, that, ALL of those guys are superstars over here, and Crosby, although great, is one of 23 men. Everyone of them, a household name, not to mention all the American stars. Which I DO understand, that they wouldn’t want? a microphone shoved in their face after a heartbreak like that; GREAT GAME!!

  4. strker99 says:

    LoL I guess the big NBC logo wasn’t a give away huh;)?

  5. ralphyization says:

    You? can tell that was an American broadcast. They basically only focused on Sydney Crosby. He is a star, but ALL of them are, in Canada!!!

  6. mattmax11 says:

    this was the american? version since it was broadcasted on NBC

  7. BorderCityMedia says:

    CTV not CBC?

  8. mcflyjobroslover says:

    i? laughed at the “someone wants to talk to joseph…..SHHHH!” lmao

  9. mcflyjobroslover says:

    haha i know thats why i? said it. i watched the game on CBC in canada and the commentators did a much better job.

  10. NOOJICAL says:

    that is the american version …..? NBC

  11. mcflyjobroslover says:

    i was wishing to see the american version of? the medals. the commentators couldnt even say anything? like come on. congrats canada woooo! special mention to ryan miller he played amazing.