The Art Of Hot N Cold: How To Be Emotional Crack

From the RSD Free Tour in Vancouver, Canada. RELATED ARTICLE: http
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HIPHOPVANCOUVER.COM – On April 6th, 2012, Iron Solomon took some time out from his hectic tour schedule to stop by HHV and drop this freestyle!!!Check out his debut album ‘Monster’ available on i-Tunes!!!

22 Responses to “The Art Of Hot N Cold: How To Be Emotional Crack”

  1. ???? ?????? says:

    New T-shirt?

  2. sharpsw says:

    start one more sentence with “most guys coming into this…”. I DARE you.? DOUBLE DARE you 😉

  3. LRG53 says:

    New shirt?

  4. Jeff Tom says:

    Elf? shoes!

  5. jontheroman says:

    katy perry. nailed it. ? hah.

  6. ThePaulMa says:

    i love it
    Julien’s short vids are usually packed with info
    A lot to implement in? daily game

  7. SoloUpOkay says:

    thanks for the great freetour in Vacnouver Julienne. sorry i missed the hotseat. i was busy on a date? saturday

  8. itsthefantastics says:

    what did he? say at the end? “leave proudly” ?

  9. tiorimas says:

    Julien es un crack. Para tener cualquier? clase de éxito, primero debes daber qué quieres obtener. De hecho, cuanto más claras tienes tus intenciones, más fluído sale todo.

  10. johnsoke90 says:


  11. wondering141 says:

    This is a really good video.. I have seen so much information from you guys over the years it’s hard to sort out what’s really going wrong. I think back to one of Tyler’s videos where he says learning game is like going in a circle til you get? closer to the middle, so true. With this video I forget how much it’s hard for me to put my ego on the line at times. I need to get passed that shit. I also stick to one plan like a boring Joe.It’s hard as hell for me to mix it up with hot and cold- Thanks

  12. sqirg101 says:

    OMG this video sums me? up

  13. forcecristal says:

    When I came to Spain and I saw people party
    I told to myself: 6:08
    All day, all night
    All day, all night
    Viva la fiesta, viva la noche
    Viva los DJ’s 06:08
    Viva? la fiesta, viva la noche 06:08

  14. PlzBeAvailablePlz says:

    julien when you talk about the push pull thing
    i get how to do it on the positive side,but on? the negative reactions,should i do it like with a serious tone and face or with a playfull face and tone?(im talking about the negative reactions)

  15. BonesVideoss says:

    Everyone had a condom on them…? Hahah, high expectations. *Sees very pretty girl, turns? around, looks at condom in pocket, goes back*

  16. TheJazz090 says:

    Julien, your latest videos are really hitting the nail with the hammer, spot on.?

  17. ItsFignuten says:

    I want in on Hip? Hop Vancouver

  18. ProlificTelevision says:

    I like? that he brings some fresh rhymes to the Vancouver scheme.?

  19. JordanGordonNaish says:

    Dope in? 3D -I=.=I-

  20. raincity604 says:

    all hail? the king

  21. RobBassVancity says:

    Wicked verse!

  22. Essince says:

    Dope!? This video is sick. Iron is nasty.