The American Cheesesteak

The American Cheesesteak Reviews

781 Davie Street
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (59 Reviews)

Review by Tanya B.
I’ll have me a “Cowboy” please. I’ve tried 3 different sandwiches but now I’m hooked.

Wow. Messy and delicious. Can’t get enough.
Rating: 4

Review by Ralson C.
Been meaning to try this place as my colleague from work went to school from Philly and me who also worked in Philly at one point can always try a…
Rating: 4

Review by Richard S.
Great sandwiches, or I should say sandwich from my experience. No red meat means I’m pretty much limited to the Chicken Milanese. There is a veggie option…
Rating: 4