Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir on Q TV

World ice dancing champions (and Canadian heroes) Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir twizzled their way into studio to reflect on their win at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as well as share some surprising news on Tessa’s injury going into that competition.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir on Q TV”

  1. ClauHerEm says:

    Aww… I loved when Scott winked at Tessa at the end of the interview and how cute she looked back at him, so lovely! I think that what? they had it’s pretty unique and that’s one of the main reasons for their succes on the ice. Very good interview!

  2. Viktorijaaahmm says:

    Scott? <3 *__*

  3. canadianhockeyrock says:

    interviewer totally want to bone her….odd time? he throws in scott to down size it……straight up!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mandabear1o1 says:

    OMG they are? sooo cute! He said “thank you”…<3

  5. MyDashulik says:

    Come? on guys!

  6. timetraveler2006 says:

    Jian’s? the man

  7. llitke says:

    They are SO cute!

  8. MatthewMarkMendoza says:

    I have a huge? crush on Tessa Virtue.

  9. sass1231000 says:

    i agree?

  10. hvitekristesdod says:

    scott, if you don’t marry her, i will…?

  11. ialexKMD says:

    I LOVE them. They are my total inspiration except I want to do pairs, not dance. -3 I don’t really care if they are a couple as? ling as they are friends 🙂

  12. Joy E says:

    I love it when they compliment each other. The other always looks down or is more? shy than before. They’re so adorable!

  13. dannyocean853 says:

    great interview! i love this

    thumbs? up!