Ten Years on a Chain: Rescued Dog’s Happy Ending

10 years on a chain. No blanket, toy, or bone. Often no food or water. We first saw this abused and neglected dog at night, lying in the frozen mud in her own feces, being snowed and sleeted on. Neighbours said that her owners urinated on her from the porch. For the BCSPCA would have killed her. That is what the owner was days away from doing when we rescued her. Help us save more dogs at www.animaladvocates.com More happy endings at www.animaladvocates.com

23 Responses to “Ten Years on a Chain: Rescued Dog’s Happy Ending”

  1. eldorado62 says:

    So, what was the outcome for the owners of this poor animal? I do? hope they got what was coming to them.

  2. dirtytrickss says:

    they should have done the same to the? owner ,and chained them up outside ! cruel gits

  3. 3friendlcut says:

    i cant and never will understand? how people can be SOOOO cruel,,,thank you for helping her and many other animals, i know tit for tat isnt good but put the previous owners in the same condition for a week and see how they like it. im so happy she lived the rest of her life happy and healthy with lots of love

  4. KathArtify says:

    my god i? can’t just understand WHY would someone be emotionally capable of doing something like this

  5. Imkoikichi says:

    when I see this I would love to chain the people that do this up and leave them there. feed them when I feel like it, maybe give them clean water. Personally I feel it would be justified, I could care less how they would feel, I could care less how anyone else would think of it. That is what they deserve. When these pricks give an? animal a home it is their responsiblity to provide a warm home, food, water, and love everyday. If they do not then they have gone back on their promise to that animal

  6. ummimjaykay says:

    I would? have kidnapped that dog in a heartbeat if I had seen them abuse him. Why did it take 10 years??

  7. ROMANQk says:

    Good? job

  8. MrMercyboy says:

    what did animals do to deserve this treatment….God gave us these creature in life to act like a companion? or a friend to accompany us in good and bad times..A dog life is a devotion and loyalty to the owner that they would never let anything happen to them..Why some owner treat it like it’s a object..Dog are like humans too that breed, think and act like we do!

  9. dkerris says:

    Too many asshole people in the world.?

    Not enough beautiful animals.

  10. soyflordelis says:

    Yo también lloré, pobre animalito, cuanto ha sufrido gracias a todos los que lo habéis ayudado para que? ahora tenga una familia que lo ama y lo cuida como él se merece.

  11. minecraft155156 says:

    If dogs? save people why shouldn’t people save dogs

  12. spinxtercell says:

    That dog didn’t look 10 years old but? damn those owners should go to jail

  13. lovelimyran says:

    Disgusting humans treating animals like that!!?

  14. ENA096 says:

    i cried?

  15. sarahskimmy1 says:

    I am so happy to have seen that she found a family that loved her. This has brought? me to tears. RIP you sweet, sweet soul. xxx

  16. chili41192 says:

    what would ever compel someone to hurt an innocent and beautiful angel like this baby. this is beautiful. Adopt? a dog from a dog shelter.

  17. Kyle Rupert says:

    So happy she got to have a short time to enjoy a? new family who loved the dog!…..To the original owners, I hope they suffer the worst pain ever imaginable, because killing them would be a kindness!

  18. anyone173 says:

    You? earn well respect ..good on you (animal lover)x

  19. 2JAMMY says:

    You know what is the saddest – If the tables were turned I don’t think any dog would treat their human in such a disgusting depraved filthy manner. I thought I knew humans a little but when I see things like this I feel completely lost – how does one being dare do this to another being? People that can treat animals & each other in such a way are not fit to be called human – makes me so embarrased to be human myself when I see shit like this – all the best? dude see you in jail or the nuthouse 🙂

  20. alexandriabay1 says:

    Mans best? friend is at the mercy of some ruthless,heartless people.

  21. aviatorz2fretz says:

    Well youll have company in that jail or psychologically insane ward because Id smother and blow the assholes who are cruel to animals to damnation. And crawl straight there to blow them up to further damnation. I would go to hell and back just to see a? dog smile.

  22. sarahdoodles says:

    Actually cried…that poor dog. I cannot believe that the neighbours didn’t just take? her. I wouldn’t have been able to leave her shivering in the snow and mud for ten years. Poor love. I’m so glad she had some kindness and love in her life. Some people disgust me. How can you do that to something which has to put it’s entire life in your hands.

  23. 2JAMMY says:

    Breaks my heart every time I look in an animals tormented & suffering eyes. I cannot write what I would? do to those responsible because I would be put in a jail or a pyschologically insane ward for the rest of my miserable years 🙂